google maps business view logoAt some point this week Google Maps renamed “Business Photos” to “Business View”:

The change came quietly. If there was an announcement, I missed it. I was looking up something for a client and bumped into the new name. Commonly referred to as Google Maps Street View for Business, Google Maps Business Photos became Google Maps Business View. On the Google Maps YouTube channel, 4 new videos were uploaded on March 18 which are all about “Business View”, so it is safe to assume the change became official right on or around March 18, 2014.

Google Maps Business View in action:

If you have not seen Business View in action, it is basically a Google Maps Street View IN a business. People stumble upon Business View when they read your reviews on your business’s Google+ Local Page, google your company name and see it in the Knowledge Graph, or use the new Google Maps to get directions to you place, and other places. Here is one of the videos that Google Maps put out the other day on Business View:

How do you get this for your business?

Go here if you’d like more information on getting Google Maps Business View for your business.


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