Google just announced that their Home Service Ads (HSA) have no expanded to Sacramento CA. This means locksmiths, plumbers and HVAC repair people can use the ads to get more business.

Of course, they’ll have to pay Google for this special version of AdWords Express.

Home Service Ads are currently for businesses who service things in your home. Google has stressed that they want to connect searches with people they can “trust”.

I’m not seeing any ads currently in Sacramento. Either the test is down or searchers must sign up here:

Currently in Sacramento…

Locksmiths are abusing Google Places listings, just as they are in the rest of the country. A handful of good locksmiths exist, such as Jeff’s Locksmith.

Plumbers who have fought hard to build a great reputation may be facing paying Google instead of getting organic traffic. Some, such as Armstrong Plumbing and Ace Plumbing have done a great job at showing up organically.

What do HSAs look like?

Glad you asked. Last year I wrote up an article about Home Service Ads in SF Bay. And, here’s a screenshot:

comparison of local results

August 29, 2015 Local Search Results for Plumbers in Dallas vs San Francisco

  1. How does this affect a biz in terms on SEO?

    • Well, I mean, it totally replaces the local results. So if you search for “Pizza”, you’ll see 3 restaurants near you. Now for the businesses listed above, they have to pay to play. Which is scary.

      I personally am not the biggest HSA fan..

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