After posting a few AutoAwesome Action images on Google+, a common question was: How can I make an autoawesome action image?

First of all, you need a camera (or a cell phone w/ camera) that is capable of taking a burst of images.

Next, you’ll need to take a series of pictures in rapid succession. This works best when you are to the side of whatever it is that you are photographing.


A series of images in rapid succession.

If your phone uses the Auto Backup feature, your images are already on Google+. What I personally do is upload images I’d like autoawesomed manually to an album which is not shared. You can not force the autoawesome feature, you just have to wait it out. I’ve found 5-10 minutes to be a fairly common waiting period but it can take less (or more) time.

Google is very good at detecting multiple images with the same or a similar background and automatically creates autoawesome action images for you. When Google is done working it’s AutoAwesome Action magic on the images, it will stitch together it’s own and notify you.

Lights, camera, autoawesome action!

action 2

The final image as generated by Google.

To see more cool AutoAwesome Action images check out the Google+ AutoAwesome Action Community.

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