Tonight I am setting up multiple clients with AdWords Location Extensions. Location Extensions is a form of Google AdWords which allow you to get your business ad in Google Maps.

This is what the ads look like when people are performing a search and click through from the local maps results in to Google Maps:

ads in google maps for location extensions

A dentist in LA who’s location extensions are showing in Google Maps

As of April 20, 2016, this is a big change in many ways and there is no doubt in my mind at all that this will absolutely lead to more inbound impressions, telephone calls and business. People who take advantage of this now will be rewarded.

There are some types of businesses that will still fare better by having a very wide variety of content which clients are searching for when they turn to Google seeking advice.

If you need AdWords configured for a local brick and mortar business, help with local search, SEO or content please feel free to contact me today. My time is very limited however I occasionally take on certain types clients.

Here is the email which Google is sending out to AdWords clients:

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

Your AdWords account contains ads that are using location extensions or are showing on Google Maps for relevant local searches. Over the coming week, we are making changes to search ads on Google Maps, which may impact your campaign impressions and spend.

What’s changing with search ads on Google Maps
Google Maps will now be considered a core Google search site and no longer part of search partners. If you are opted out of search partners, your location extension ads may start to show on Google Maps.

With this update, location extensions are now required for ads on Google Maps; standard text ads leading to websites will no longer be shown. We’re making these changes to create a more seamless, relevant ad experience on Google Maps. This will begin with the Google Maps Android app and roll out to the desktop site and iOS app later in the year.

Next steps
If you are not currently using location extensions on all or some of your campaigns, learn how to set them up here to continue promoting your business locations in Google Maps.

If you are already using location extensions, no further action is needed. Monitor campaign performance as you may see an increase in impressions and clicks. If you have campaigns opted out of search partners and are using location extensions, your ads may start appearing on relevant local search results on Google Maps.

For more help, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or visit our Help Center.

The Google AdWords Team

If you are comfortable configuring this kind of thing yourself feel free to visit Google’s page on location extensions.


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