Yesterday one of my personal injury clients asked me why he kept seeing the same articles in Google search over and over for certain search terms. I asked him what it was he was Googling and poked around. What he was bumping in to were FindLaw websites.

Using any number of random searches I have come up with I can easily spot piles and piles of content in Google search which has been produced by FindLaw. I rarely see them as page 1 is usually dominated by newer WordPress based websites. And when Google Panda 4.0 came out many FindLaw sites were wiped off of search results.

FindLaw websites are easy to spot. Unique to them are the quirky title tags, strange and gigantic URL structure, and .SHTML file extensions.

findlaw screenshot

May 2016 screenshot of FindLaw websites in search results

When migrating clients from FindLaw to WordPress, all of these things are the first to go.

If you need assistance migrating from a content management system like FindLaw’s please feel free to contact me today.


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