Beginning in March and continuing into April 2015, I have witnessed a surge of Facebook fans on several of the brand/business pages that I have access to.

These pages range from pets, legal, medical, corporate training, and a variety of other niches. Not all niches were “hit” but many of the pages have seen a drastic increase in the number of followers.

FB surgeThe users following the pages are all from overseas. I clicked through to a handful of them and they are not the standard spam account that you expect to see on Facebook, but seem to be active accounts. That said, they were all public and I didn’t look too closely but they were actively posting and had engagement on their page. Either the spammers are actually putting some effort into their pages, these people are liking these pages intentionally, or something is very wrong.

Some of the pages being liked are inactive pages which have had nothing posted to them in a month. And no, this is not the standard blast of new followers that happens when you go out and buy them, it is a steady trickle.

One small biz is taking on around 50 new followers each day. They have gone from 200 local people they could easily reach to 3,000+ followers and now they can’t reach their normal audience without paying to reach all 3,000 people.

My dog has a Facebook page. She hasn’t posted an updated since December 2014. Now, all of a sudden, she went from 40 followers to 260.

If your Facebook page has experienced a sudden surge in followers in April or March of 2015 please let us know in the comments below.


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