I try not to watch the news much these days but this morning I was fiddling with my phone and brought up cnn.com.

Much to my surprise, I saw ad ad box with a scam on it! A site pretending to be Fox News:

Screenshot of CNN displaying Spoof Fox News site February 2, 2017.

I just wrote about this kind of thing a couple of weeks ago here: Legit news sites displaying fake news.

Not “Fake News”, and how it works

I know what you are thinking, and no, this is not “fake news”.

What happens is advertisers like CNN display ads on their site through third party services.

An advertiser in the ad network displays a legitimate-looking website. People click it and are deceived as they think they are on FoxNews.com, but in reality they are on a website pretending to be FoxNews.com.

In this case, the site prentending to be FoxNews.com was “s3.amazonaws.com/www2017/ed/zazazzazz22.html”


Screenshot of a fake Fox News site February 2, 2017

People who think there is a miracle testosterone pill read the article. Some of the article reads:

Angela and Yoojin Kim, sisters from Korea, net the biggest deal in Shark Tank history as all 5 sharks teamed up to seed the company with an a staggering $2.5 million dollars! In just a short 6 months, their product has completely disrupted the Men’s Health industry in Korean, and with the help of the Sharks, they are now ready to take over the world market.

As you can see, the article appears to be on a legitimate news website, and is apparently so awesome the Sharks on Shark Tank believe in it as well. Additionally, people may be led to believe that they haven’t heard of it because it is just now “becoming available to people in the United States”. Clever.

Scrolling down the page results in several links and calls to action to purchase “Ultimate Testo Explosion”:

ad for ultimate testo explosion

Now, I am not sure if the “scam” is by “Ultimate Testo Explosion” or an affiliate marketer, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

At the bottom of the article are fake comments designed to offer a “social proof” of sorts, as if people follow the “author” on a regular basis:

How does the scam work?

Once an unsuspecting user clicks through to the “free bottle”, they are greeted with this page:

After filling out your information you are sent to a page with a 5 minute time limit. Better punch in that credit card number FAST! 🙂

What people do not realize is down at the bottom of the page, below the checkout process, is some difficult to read text.

Almost anyone who orders their “exclusive trial” will soon find out that they are being charged $100/month to their credit card.

The fine print reads:

While we are confident that Ultimate Testo Explosion is the most effective and powerful testosterone- boosting supplement on the market today, this is NOT a risk-free trial offer. By placing an order you will pay $4.96 for shipping and will be shipped a 30 day supply of Ultimate Testo Explosion. You will have 14 days to try the product. 14 days from the date of purchase, you will be charged $98.49 and enrolled in our autoshipment program. If you cancel before the 14 day trial ends, you may be charged a $9.95 retention fee for keeping the product. After 14 days from the date of purchase, opened packages are not eligible for refunds, even if they are returned. After 30 days, all shipments are ineligible for refunds even if they are unopened. Every thirty days thereafter until you cancel, you will be billed a new 30 day supply at $98.49. Thus, until you cancel your subscription you will be billed $98.49 every 30 days starting 14 days after the initial purchase date. You can cancel your membership anytime by calling (866) 832- 9921 or emailing support@expertnutra.com.

Rest assured, CNN, Fox News, Shark Tank, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran or any other Sharks are probably not aware of this at all and I am sure none of them stand behind the hormone pills.

Were you tricked by this scam?

I know that some people don’t want to admit it but I would like to hear your story. Please feel free to comment below anonymously. No credit card required. 🙂

Which Testosterone Supplements Actually Help?

Update September 27, 2017: After receiving numerous emails of men in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s asking me which testosterone supplements may help, I decided to do some research. There are indeed 2 very highly rated products for sale and one of them is the best selling in the USA. Best of all, they have thousands of legitimate reviews from verified users, and you can get them right from Amazon so there is no need to worry about mysterious charges appearing on your credit card.

Prime Labs Man’s Testosterone Supplement

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At the time of this article, this supplement had 2,701 reviews with a 4.5 star rating and was $19.99 with free shipping for 60 caplets.

User “MN Mike” says:

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Superior Labs Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplement

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At the time of this article, this supplement had 5,638 customer reviews with a 4.5 star rating and was $59.95 for 60 capsules.

User “Limitless” says:

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Please note: These are indeed Amazon affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if someone goes to Amazon and buys them. I am not a doctor and have no idea if these will help anyone, but going off of what 8,500 other people had to say it appears that these pills are made in the USA, they are not crappy caffeine pills, and the benefits are claimed by the users of these products, not a fake webpage impersonating a genuine news website. So, you be the judge.

  1. Len-I saw the same ad. Glad your post is out there telling people about this. Problem is most people will not even care to research. Have a great day. Matt

    • Thanks Matt. You are absolutely correct. The few who do will find this page though! Maybe I will follow up here with the page views – in case anyone cares. lol.

      This is going to continue to be a problem for publishers until their ad networks get it in gear.. “Most” people who visit CNN’s website trust what they see on it, even if it is an ad.

      I wonder if the marketer intended to get their Ad onto FoxNews.com instead of CNN. Hmm…..

      • It actually appears that an advertiser on CNN is showing an ad on cnn, which links to a foxnews lookalike site. But there are plenty of such ads out there, advertising in common places like Facebook ads, newsletters etc. Check out this one from the Dragon’s Den page: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsden/posts/10156590999514988

        Now go into the comments and see some of the examples of such ads.

      • I wonder how many that were scammed actually used the product. Would like to know the “results” they got.

        • Actually I just cancelled my subscription last night with 2 hours left until the full 2 weeks. Just in the nick of time! But, however, should I have So? The first sign i saw of this working was my eyelashes grew way longer!!They are absolutely adorable. And while I was on the phone will the customer service rep while i was putting on a hair mask, I stretched out my hair (I have thick curly hair) it was noticeable longer. I’m impressed. I almost kept the subscription. But 89.99 a month is something I have to think about. But I’m grateful for the results thus far. And I’ve only been using it for about a week. I’m actually impressed. But I’ve read ALOT of bad reviews.

        • I felt like it was working at first, but after about a month I started getting dizzy spells and started getting panic attacks. Also when I went to cancel my subscription at the end of the trial they charged me half price but only after I argued for 45 mins. Then I got a letter in the mail saying they were sending me to a collection agency to collect the rest. Maybe the worst product I have ever pitched #boycott

      • I got pulled by ESPN article about the upcoming Conor McGregor/ Mayweather fight and McG using perf.drugs.Crazy how they can do that.

      • The same exact photo and verbage were used in an attempt to sell silk biotin hair vitamins. They literally used the same photo and verbage up until testo. Instead they inserted silk biotin.

      • I was trying to order a bottle when my phone went offline, when i got back online i saw your post. Thank you so much; you really saved me from this scam that might have taken me a while to figure out, and by then would have lost a lot of money. Much appreciated Len!

      • I thought these sister’s discovered an anti wrinkle cream. The same picture on the Dragen’s Den tv program. The say they all invested in their product and now they are millionaires.

        • I was scammed with a free bottle I paid 6$ shipping and handling on my cc am I going g to be charged over and over again? And if how to stop it immediately

      • I bought before researching, which is something I never do but the add just looked legit. Within about 5 seconds of giving my credit card information, I was charged almost $50 for a product I didn’t even order. Fortunately, my bank caught it and declined the transaction. My card was cancelled by the bank and a new one is being shipped as we speak. I guess I need to go back to researching everything again, no matter how tedious it has become as scammers get more and more refined.

      • Love you bro thank you

      • I just ordered one same screen i didnt see anything that said nothing bout the amount but i thought it was 4.95 mine came out to 9.95 with alpha

    • Yes I was taken in by this also so far have paid $390 extra in this scam feel stupid is this th shark tank stuff I received?

  2. Lol, thank you, I thought my cell phone was infected with a virus.

    • Heh. Not a virus. I Tweeted CNN and let them know of the problem right away, but received no response. Then again, they probably can’t keep up with their Twitter. Oh well.

      Maybe someone should write the “How to Hack CNN’s Homepage” article. 🙂

      If anyone here gets curious, you could visit CNN and try and figure out which ad delivery network is serving these ads. I wonder if it was Google Adsense or a different company…

  3. Hey guys, yeah it got me too, I work out at the gym daily and I’m always looking for a good supplement to increase muscle mass. I’m fortysix years old and need a little boost to add the muscle and the ad was right up my alley. I’m glad I researched it and saw this post.
    Thanks bud,
    Chris from Sarasota

  4. I’m an idiot. I had a bad feeling when I did not receive a e-mail conformation. Then I found this blog. Am I going to be able to stop this transaction between now and the fourteen days?

    • Doh! If I were you I’d call the company and more importantly the credit card company and cancel it.

      • They (The credit card company) will not cancel it, because you AGREED to the terms and conditions..
        Legal binding contract..

        • Don’t be ridiculous. I work for Citi as a manager in our CC dept and we cancel charges like this all the time. Most card companies take a very customer service mindset when it comes to fraud and scams. If one were to continue to fall prey to scams like this, then your CC company will kind of put their foot down.

        • Ah no buddy, your credit card company will most certainly cancel and stop payment if that’s what u ask them to do. The credit card company in no way has any obligation to the misleading website and you as the consumer are definitely not in a binding contract with them. Where’d you go to law school lol?

    • Dispute the charge if u paid by credit card. If you paid by bank care go to your bank and explain the situation; they will cancel the transaction. How don’t people know these things.

      • Yes you can contact your bank to cancel transactions but this company will send you to a collection agency and scam you one way or another. If you contact this company you are certainly going to lose some money. #SCAM

    • No you can’t, and as soon as you are able they will say they have cancelled all charges then send you a notice saying they are sending you to a collection agency to retrieve their lost revenue. #Scam

  5. They got me also. Got hit through Facebook. Didn’t think about it not being legit. Did it a couple days ago but just started looking for the shark tank video. Couldn’t find one. Red flag!!! I’ll try to clean it up and will let you know how it goes.

    • Same, I ordered it….my mistake for not researching it 1st…I ordered it and as soon as I did my bank sent me a text. That’s when I new something was wrong. I cancelled everything the same day and I hope I do t get any more bs from them. I will keep you guys posted. I should have known better.

  6. Thanks for the info. I’ve been scammed in a similar situation but now they have stepped up their game using shark tank and Fox news affiliations. As soon as I saw the ad. I searched the product and found your post. Great job.

  7. Got me yesterday but did get a confirmation email. Will call company and credit card and cancel. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the heads up. Should have researched first. First & last time I will do this

  8. My husband ordered this a few days ago. He told me about it but have only just had a chance to look into it. We live in Australia.

  9. I got scammed! I thought with the Shark Tank endosement and the low cost of the trial how could lose? I wanted to try the Testo for $4.95, next day they called and convinced me to try the NO2 for $2.00 it works best with the Testo.
    First they did not tell me it was in US funds! They charged my Canadian CC cost me exchange plus CC fee’s.
    Now here is were it really angered me the trial period starts at the time of order not when you receive it!
    Since I went past the trial period the return employee claimed I will only receive 50% of the full amount they charged my CC in USD not including exchange & CC fees. This is only if they get both bottles back within 21 days. This cost me $30.00 CND to ship both bottles back.
    I just got off the phone after talking to a service representative. When I asked him about the trial period he said they allow 4 days to ship so it is 18 days from purchase. It took 12 days to ship to Canada. I was pretty well done my trial in the delivery stage. He claims I will get the full amount back on both bottles. Will see…

    • The exact same thing happened to me. In the end they still charged me 50% and sent me a notice of collection for another amount. So if you find a way to get out of their system they still screw your credit in the end. I wish I never heard about this. And now there is a story on Crosby on CBC. Is this real or fake? And where is the rest of the story on Crosby?

  10. Thank for the info.
    Got me this morning. After placing my order I tried to find the shark tank video with no success. I did find this blog. I replied back to the conformation email I received asking to cancel my order and phoned to ensure my money would be returned. Phoning my credit card company, my money had been refunded and I canceled my card to be safe.

    • I threatened my credit card company the same way, but they said if you cancelled the card,

      The NFS funds from that card,which would continue, would hurt your credit…

  11. Scam,too many hidden cost

  12. Thank you for exposing this. I fell for it too! What happened to me is I saw the Shark Tank reference
    and thought it was legit. There are other products I have been experimenting with in order to defy my 60 years of age and apparently low testosterone. Well I actually read the fine print that showed after they got my credit card information and I checked (NO) I did not agree and thought something was not right. I didn’t hear anything again until a week or so later a bottle of Dominant Testo came in the mail with no paperwork and the label is printed in a microscopic font that my progressive bifocals don’t go strong enough to read the label. My key note here is that; I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THEIR AUTO SHIP, BUT I DID AGREE TO $4.95 SHIPPING/ HANDLING BEFORE I CLICKED NO TO AUTO SHIP.) I figured since I said no that was the end. BUT I NOTICED ON MY BANK STATEMENT I HAD BEEN CHARGED $4.95 TO “lpr Swelltest, Ca” then 15 days later I was charged another $97.99 to the same “ipr Swelltest, Ca”I have never received any emails or receipts only found these charges on my bank statement where I had to google search to figure out that others have been scammed also. It took me a while to find that the bank charge and Dominant Testo were related. I called my bank and reported this as fraudulent and unauthorized charges. I hope this helps someone. I never make comments like this normally, but I can’t stand thieves and con artists.

  13. I was fooled. I don’t think my card went through.
    I will check.

  14. I ordered the same thing witas ah in two minutes of order I call the center and thay told me that i couldn’t cancel the order and had to wait for the package and then send it back can you sue the tank for not looking into this before it was advertised by them as you bye it on there recommendation

    • Ok buddy, let me explain something to you, the shark tank endorsement is FAKE. Shark tank does not know about or affiliate with this company. The fact that is was a scam should have been a clear tell that anything they said in the “article” was fictional.

    • English a second language for you ?

  15. I saw a video on Facebook that showed a product being applied to an older women’s face.In the video the bags under her eyes disappeared in front of my eyes. The video said this was the product featured on “Dragon’s Den” and 2 sisters won a million dollar deal for this product.They were offering a “trial” if I just paid shipping…so I signed up…I saw the small print and knew they would charge me over $100 a month if I didn’t cancel…I figured I would cancel if it didn’t work

    However, the product I received was NOT what they showed in the video..I received a run of the mill skin care cream. I immediately called them and cancelled my subscription. They told me I had to return the product and I would have to pay for shipping. I told them their company was committing fraud by using someone else’s video and name to promote their product.

    Since then I have searched to try to find the product that WAS used in the video but I don’t think it exists…Not sure how they did it in the video. That’s how I came across your website

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you for the comment and for letting us know about your experience with this skin care product.

  16. Same scam, different name. This one is for PureNitro Max. Same testimonials from the same “people”, even ‘Dan H.’ from above.

  17. Hi Len,

    I have had similar problems before however the method was the same but the product is called Le Doux and asked my son to look into it he knew it was a scam but couldn’t find proof on this brand new scam until he found your website. You and him really saved me this time.
    Here is the link.
    It looks very legit, WOW!

  18. How does Larry respond to Ryan’s post one hour before she posted it? Must be another “miracle” of the pills!

    Ryan P. • 1 hour ago
    My brother lives in Europe and he told me that these pills are REALLY popular there… I don’t know I still haven’t tried them yet…

    Larry K. • 2 hours ago
    ^hi Ryan. I’ve heard that as well. I am anxious to find out for myself. Thanks ONLINE NEWS!

    • Oh yes, the fake sales page had a bunch of errors like that in the comments section. lol

  19. I got scammed by this too, only they used the same ads/ photos, and replaced the product with a “miracle anti-agin cream” called Skin Scientific. I went to their website, which legitimately did NOT post anything about a trial offer that needed to be canceled, only that they were “trials”. I stupidly assumed this meant trial sized. They’ve got me for almost $200 dollars now.

  20. So far according to the many sites I have visited these fake sisters (they do not even exist in this industry, as far as I can find) have netted over 15 million dollars from Shark Tank yet neither Shark Tank nor Fox News has any record or knowledge of them ever being on the show. Wonder how that came to be when even the pictures of the girls are fakes? There must be about 50 sites out there using this same basic story.

  21. Yes I was scammed,called and cancelled but after 14 days and had to pay 98.00 it hurts.Whats worse your credit card company well always side with the merchant.I called my family, friends make sure you read terms and conditions on everything.

  22. I hope there will soon be a class-action lawsuit filed against this company. The day after I agreed to get the “free” sample they called me trying to up-sell me another expensive product. Make sure they aren’t automatically withdrawing money from your account every month. I believe their address is HR Fulfillment, 3201 W. Hillsborough Ave #153201-1168, Tampa, FL 33684-9998.

  23. Len,
    I’m glad I looked into, but being a shark fan and knowing Cuban is really against any type of hormone pills, is what tipped me off.
    Thanks for the reassurance…

  24. All you have to do to tell that the anti ageing cream is a scam,is to look at the times “real comments” posted and refresh the page after a couple minutes, doesnt change plus it has an unreal timeframe for all the “people” who “posted” and nothing bad posted about it. Very big RED FLAGS, actually if you want to confirm its fake even more just try leaving a comment, it doesnt work. Im amazed people actually get tricked by it, but i guess some people just havent been taught internet safety

  25. Saw it on Facebook and spotted it as a fake right away. I went to my best friend Google to research it as I do everything I see on Facebook, and here we are… thanks for the article, hopefully it helps those who aren’t as skeptical as I am…

  26. The problem is this post is the Ultimate Testo Explosion testosterone revitalization tablets REALLY DO WORK. And talk about great customer service!!! The Kim sisters have stopped over at my place every other night to make make sure their product is working out. And believe me, these gals are 100% dedicated to proving their product returns men as old as 78 to their prime, with the potency and stamina of a teenager.
    But, I’ve got to be honest, the product is approximately $100 per month. But if you are on a budget you can do as I have and get some of the gals in the neighborhood to chip in. You might even bring in a little extra $$$. Heh-heh, say no more.
    One last thing. You know how some of those high-priced ED prescription med caution you to seek medical attention if you experience an erection lasting over for hours? Ok then, if this worries you then under no circumstances should you use Ultimate. Testo Explosion tablets while using one of the expensive ED meds. Again, say no more, as the only time I might consider doing this is if the Kim sisters might stop over.

  27. Almost got me, thanks for the article.

  28. Thank you for debunking this. I was suspicious but was almost fooled by the reference to Shark Tank and the good imitation of Fox News website. When the supposed reporter started talking about the great sex with her husband, I decided I needed to look into this before I ordered anything. Fortunately I found your website.

  29. Hey I figured I would let you know they have this same article out there for a hair growth pill called silk. Has all the same information as the one you showed except the product is diffrent. Same sisters from Korea that were on shark tank though

  30. Good article. I couldn’t find the shark tank episode ( they didn’t mention that ) or anything about those sisters when I did a search. When I searched for the product name, every single search result on the first page where praising them( even the ones which seems to be negative but inside the page , it’s full praise ).
    Finally got this.thank u

  31. Do not buy this product or any other similar weight loss products…the company itself is a scam and is operating in a office space in downtown Los Angeles. There are thousands of these “orders” a day. Testo explosion is not the only product they ship, there are over 10 products that are similar and all follow the same scam. I know this because I am a former employee. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and i have never signed a non disclosure agreement with them when I parted with the company

  32. Unfortunately that is EXACTLY what happened to us! The ad says FREE BOTTLE, not free Trial!!! A month later there was s charge to $98.49 on our account. I called to be refunded and the company refused to give my money back. They said I agreed to the FREE TRIAL, and I was out of luck!!! I also called my bank to have the money refunded through the claims department… no go! They said they have no recourse to recover the funds because of the MICROSCOPIC print!!!! 😡 Please, if you can help us get our money back!!!! Thanks for your time!!

    • Exactly. No, I can’t help you get your money back. But if you feel scammed just call your credit card company.

  33. Almost got me but was doing some research on it and found this and now I know. I’m 49 and looking for a good muscle building testosterone pills to get that REALY works. Anyone with suggestions?

    • If your doctor thinks it is too low they may prescribe it to you… Otherwise check out HIIT workouts.

  34. Saw the same “Fox News”article but referred to Dragon’s Den, not Shark Tank, probably because I’m in Canada. Clues why it was fake – web address started with “https://tinkersgadget-shop.com” not Fox. One of the pictures showed Robert H. who is no longer on Dragon’s Den.
    Thanks for the confirmation

  35. Thanks, sad that we have to decipher this type of crap. People like you are appreciated and needed. Funny I had to check you out also found no problems. lol. But really not funny that we have scum bags that won’t take the time to get an education because they are taught that the almighty dollar superseded everything even their dignity. These people are as real as the products they try to perpetrate on unknowing people who are scared of something. This case its aging. Whenever the product is in this format it is always fake. Do the research from legitimate sources and they are definitely out there. Good luck and thanks from everyone that didn’t take the time to thank you.

  36. I’ve seen this exact same ad many times but using different product names. Its almost as if the same supplement is being sold under multiple names but using the same bait. Seems a pattern with these male enhancement products.

  37. If it’s too good to be true, then it is too good to be true! It only cost me $65, as I got out fast, but what a pain this crap is. Thanks!

  38. Also if it’s a fake CNN, Fox News, etc… the Menu buttons won’t work. You never leave the page.

  39. Welcome to the school of hard knocks. Replied to this add with all it’s qualifiers, in a weak moment. Afterwards in a more clear moment… researched it.Oh carp. Cancelled cc account. Hopefully this is the end of it.
    Where are the ambulance chasing lawyers. This should be easy case for them.

  40. As of 6/12/17 they have changed the name of the product to “ENDURO FORCE”. Same scam ad to draw you in. Same website.
    Thanks for the warnings Len.

  41. As for most of us , we didn’t read the terms and conditions.. “How Does the Trial Offer Work? A trial offer is a way to get the full 30 day supply of Instant Wrinkle Control where you pay only $3.95 upfront and enroll in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $99.95 for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $99.95 and shipped another bottle.
    A trial is not a free sample.
    The price of $99.95 that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. The Ultimate Moisturizer trial is only $4.95 upfront and just like the Instant Wrinkle Control trial. You will be enrolled in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $89.95 for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $89.95 and shipped another bottle.
    A trial is not a free sample.
    The price of $89.95 that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. When you order a trial, you have to check that you agree to our terms and conditions and enroll in our monthly shipment program. Applicable sales tax may be applied to all charges.” Nowhere does this tell you to cancel before the 14 days or you will be charged.. Call the number on your credit card statement, cancel it and politely ask for a partial refund. I got half my money back.. To be safe, call your credit card company and ask them to call the number, then transfer the call back to you. They will record the conversation, verifying your cancellation. Bottom line is ALWAYS read the terms and conditions before clicking… .” I have read and understand …”
    This is a binding legal document, even the credit card companies acknowledge this…

    PS..Even porn sites are way more transparent on their billing terms and conditions….

  42. There are similar scam ads appropriating Dr. Oz’s name as an endorser, the same way Testo is uses shark tank. Here’s an excerpt from the real Dr. Oz discussing the issue:

    “The moment I recommend any solution or product to better your health, I notice my words, name and image get manipulated and used by stores, companies and websites that try to sell their products for a quick buck. I’m mad about this because it dupes you into buying potentially ineffective and unsafe products.

    Therefore, I’ve decided to take back my name. My team and I started working on ways to stop this, and what we learned in the process has shocked us.

    First, I didn’t realize how easy it was to run misleading ads on the web. All one needs to do is upload a digital picture of me and click the right buttons to grab your attention on popular websites. One may think this is illegal, but it isn’t. No one polices the web this closely, which is why this happens so frequently on the Internet.

    Furthermore, we were also surprised to find “Dr. Oz” banners at pharmacies, health food stores and grocery stores. One store even dedicated a whole aisle of products to me. This is unsafe and further opens the door for companies to promote products I don’t endorse.

    Therefore, so many people are disappointingly scammed into buying supplements they think are effective and safe. I didn’t realize how confused so many people were by this until I started looking into the issue.

    When my team and I brought this to the attention of the executives at Facebook and Amazon, they both kindly agreed to have their teams search for and remove fake accounts, fake webpages and fraudulent advertisements that use my name without my permission. Read Facebook’s statement about how they will handle fraudulent accounts and ads. You can also read this statement from Amazon.

    How will they – and you – know that an advertisement for a specific product with my name on it is fake? You will know because they’re all fake.”

    Before making a purchase based on any advertised claims, I strongly suggest researching it independently through a google or another search engine, being sure to filter out all sites that are clearly marketers (presumably with a vest interest in having you buy the product). Caveat emptor!

    • I’m a retired combat soldier they should let us go after these a***les the same way we go after the Taliban. We are so caught up in the s*x world that we will do anything or buy anything we feel or read that will give us a longer p***s or great lasting power. I’m 60yrs old if I can’t get it up by looking and fore playing with my beautiful wife there’s no pill in the world can do what God gave you for free. So keep your **** in your pants and find you a great wife or partner that can get it up on love works for me. My wife says 10 minutes of great sweaty love making is better than 1hr of pounding the s**t out of her. She said nothing pleasurable about having 8 inches of **** in you for a hour lololol

  43. Re: Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills, As I read through the claims, I got more and more suspicious — several red flags became apparent: The course discourse; Unprofessional writing; The last day for the offer was today; The logic was faulty; The comments were rather risque; (and what topped it all off) There was one reply that was submitted BEFORE the comment that it was referring to! So I googled “is Natural Testosterone Enhancement Pills legitimant” and came across your website. End of story!

  44. Alpha Force Testo and NO2 Power Blast Cancell out and stop your illegal billing. I only paid the Trial error for the shipping cost only. Alpha Force Testo and NO2 Power Blast ONLY. YOu did take our the last 2 months of illegal billing out of my bank account against my consent. I will mail back the Trial test products. and I will have RCMP and Royal Bank of Canada and Revenue Canada look into the illegal billing. I want a refund to return my stolen bank account.
    Signed by : Burton Densmore
    Email: burtdensmore@gmail.com

    I am a retired senior on disability with Hearing Impairment with low income. I can not afford your illegal billing at $200/month.
    Stop stealing my bank account and Do Return back into my bank account.

  45. fell for it last night. called the customer service number and canceled the trial. will see what happens.

  46. My husband just saw the Alpha Force Testo ad on the fake CNN business site. The trouble is, he called me to the computer to read the ad to me to show me just how awful CNN is. He is an immunologist & medical microbiologist and absolutely recognized the product as being fake, but believed that it was a legitimate CNN site! I knew that it couldn’t possibly be a real CNN site, searched, and found this site. So now I’ve emailed him the link for this site that shows him the fake FOX site. He loves to “put down” CNN and praises FOX news. I’m interested now to see how he responds to finding out that CNN did not post the Alpha Force Testo story.

    • that is beautiful!

    • Well, CNN has been running a lot of crazy headlines lately. They do it for traffic. More traffic, more ad dollars.

  47. Great post with great comments. I googled after I read thru the ad and came up with your site before I ordered. As I was reading your site I was waiting for the hook leading me back to the order….Thankfully it wasn’t and I have signed on as a subscriber now. This is the kind of stuff that is real fake news! Good job!

  48. I was tricked by an identical scam that had the exact agreement policy. My credit card company put a hold on the charge, but later allowed the charge because by purchasing the product I agreed to their written terms. If anyone has a credit card company that refunds their money please let me know, so I can dump my credit card company. The false advertising may be grounds for a class action law suit, but I’m no lawyer, so one would have to be consulted with….

  49. I actually ordered this stuff and took it for 2 days. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but I felt liked crap shortly after. I was dizzy , blood pressure out of whack, numbness and tingling pain in feet. Had blood work done and B12 was low which after taking B12 supplements most symptoms disappeared. I’m just wondering what did I put in my body as the ingredients isn’t properly listed. Thank God I used my credit debit visa and all I had to do was change my card so they couldn’t bill me after the free trial. The problem is if you do research you really only find the truth on page 6 of google. The first five pages is all bogus rave reviews and links to this bogus product.

  50. I have trouble swallowing pills. Do these pills come in a suppository?

  51. Just saw this AD on YAHOO. It was listed as one of their top five stories but was actually an AD. You know, more important than News that actually affects the world. I read on and googled the “reporter’s” name, (Karen Brightwell. Published on Tuesday, August 22, 2017)and found this link. It’s funny how YAHOO won’t retract this bogus AD. I suppose they need the money more than they need to tell the truth. The logo used in her “story” uses a look-a-like FOX News logo. Very diabolical method to separate your money from your wallet.

  52. I was scammed, I never took the time to notice that I was being charged $98 until 3 months later. This company is a crock! I’m having to dispute it with my bank to get my money back… When calling the company to get some answers I talked to some call center in India that kept telling me he can hook me up with 50% off my future orders.

  53. I got fooled by the same scam for Garcinia Cambosia Luckily I looked into the fine print, and canceled it right away. The operator kept trying to keep me by offering half off on future shipments. I said no. Cancel please. She was not rude, but she was not happy. Like the saying goes. “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

  54. https://trylafolie.com/v2/ Same problem with this company!!! Total scam with fake links and fake news stories!!! Do not buy La Folie Hair Serum!

  55. Good evening, I hereby make a complaint, on 11/11/17 I made a request on your site for an alpha flx remedy and paid on the us4.79 card. now they came to withdraw from my account without my authorization because I only ask for this medication I do not want any more and I did not authorize any withdrawal. day 10/02/17 withdraw 89.82 from the account for Max NO ADMIN @ TESTOST NV S587275180924845 DO CARD 3348. WITHOUT I HAVE AUTHORIZED. I urge you to cancel any transaction on my behalf and do not bring anything back into my account. obg clerio paula

    • I simply wrote an article; I haven’t charged your credit card. Try reading it next time. 😉

  56. G’day from North Queensland,
    I fell for this scam and at 68 years old I am ashamed. I should have read the fine print but come to think of it I never found any fine print to read. I had to cancel my credit card and lodge a disputed amount case to try to recover 5 payments, two of $131.95 Aus. Dollars, two of $127.00 and 1 of $4.95 and 1 of $4.75. We all know what a pain in the arse cancelling a credit card is but hopefully my Bank will have success.
    Avoid these Cretins like a dose of the Pox, they have no scruples not one shred of honesty and the crap they sell is not worth anything.
    Best Wishes, Denis.

  57. This same article also appears on CNN, were you aware?

    • Yes… That’s what the article is about silly. 😉 The ad displays on CNN and impersonates Fox..

  58. I am a Shark Tank Fan and did fall for a Super Max ad. I filled out the form and put my VISA card on it but when submitted the charge was declined. It appears VISA is aware of the SCAM so I back out of the offer. 5 min later I get a phone call from them following up on my attempted order. I hung up. Then I looked for info about the product and found your page. Thanks.


    • That is a great question! But, even if they are aware, there isn’t a whole lot they can do about it…

  60. I did fall for this and ordered the free trial.
    The bank promptly cancelled my credit card because it was a compromising online site.
    I now have to get a new card.

  61. Hi Len,

    They’re still at it using the fake FoxNews site and Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots. It sounded pretty good until I started looking at the testimonials. Nobody can get that “ripped” with little to no exercise in as little time as they claim. It’s just impossible.
    When I clicked on Gronk’s picture expecting to see the “interview” and got sent to the Primal XL website, I knew something was fishy. After a little Googling, I found your site. Thanks for doing what you can to protect people from unscrupulous pirates.

  62. I just got billed – i thought it was free trial 🙁 this is coming from ONLINENURA & ELITE*TESTOMUSCLE – can I still use this contact to cancel both – I feel so stupid

    (866) 832- 9921 or emailing support@expertnutra.com.

  63. Hi LEN
    Yes I got scammed in New Zealand ……… I waited for the free samples which did not arrive …. I contacted the info desk and was told it was in customs. The products (I only ordered Votel but two packages arrived) but long after the cancellation date. So I got trapped unknowingly into a cycle of what has now become FRAUD. Their email said I would be billed for the postage by INVODESKSVEC.COM and sure enough I was. but a second deduction by INFODESKS12.com was also made for small amounts . I thought postage!

    Within a few days, my account was drained of NZ$145 by INFODESKSVEC.com and NZ$140 HERBFORMULACS.com. And then 10 days later by the same duo. for another NZ$300 … I contacted them through the same email and asked them to repay the deductions, but no response. (I still haven’t opened any of the packets.) I informed my bank that they should decline these two names. I did not know who HERBFORMULACS.com was as it was the first time I had seen the name.

    But then two days before Christmas, my account was again attacked, but this time by two different companies .. but in reality by the same group as the amounts are similar and so are the names. This time it was PROEMINFODESK.com and DERMIAGEINFO.com! another NZ300 gone.

    I informed the bank and asked them what was going on and why these two companies who I don’t know could get past my security numbers on my card. While everyone here is on summer holidays it happened again! Another NZ145 was skimmed off, by PROEMINFODESK.com even though the bank had this name. So far its been NZ900 dollars for 5 jars of pills! Yes some product is missing, which is why I call it fraud.

    I did check the names and addresses of these companies and find that they operate out of UK under an advertising name. So the bank is now taking this seriously. I am thinking of passing it all to Scotland Yard fraud squad for further investigation. It seems to be very fraudulent and highly illegal.I now think that anyone who tangles with these guys should put any problem before the police.

    As to the products ….. I get kilos of the stuff that Votel Force says is in these pills from my contacts in the pharmaceutical company in China …. I pay very little for a kilo. I really wanted to try Votel Forces combination to see if it was effective. I should have known better!

  64. What an apparent scam from my personal experience. This is the likely the same stuff I tried that has been renamed. I’ve learned that the Sharks really are SHARKS!

  65. At 80 years of age I’m feeling the effects from my younger years when I was into boxing, judo, and power lifting. I am still very healthy but my sex drive has diminished somewhat so with a girlfriend in her sixties I am always looking for ways to boost what at one time didn’t need a boost.
    I have looked at numerous similar products all making very attractive albeit unrealistic claims. I place no stock in testimonials. I always read the terms and conditions which invariably save me from succumbing in a moment of weakness.
    After all don’t we all want what they are claiming to sell? And many of the reviews at other sites are actually set up by the purveyor of the product being INDEPENDENTLY reviewed. Len, you are performing a service that not enough people are aware of. Those who come across your site and save themselves the cost and embarrassment of being taken owe you a debt of gratitude.

  66. Before I try the trial for Test Drive 365, I would like to know how much does it cost for one bottle of Test Drive 360?

  67. I was tricked by an ad that featured Klint Eastwood, It wasn’t the shark tank scam. I think it came up on an ad while I was surfing the net. The thing is my bank called me to tell me it was a fraud when they saw the charge on my debit card and told me to call cancel and demand my money back. The bank was actually trying to track the fraudsters and shut them down.

  68. I also just fell for the ad which appeared on Facebook. It was for a testosterone enhancer called “Alpha Dietary Testosterone”. I gave them my Bank of America debit card number and as I type this, the $4.95 shipping fee is processing. It was only after seeing your article, that I checked the fine print and it does say that if I don’t cancel within the 14 day trial period, they’ll hit me up for $94.92 per month as a subscription. I hope I can get my bank to cancel this whole thing. I have a feeling trying to cancel the subscription through the company might not be as easy as they make it sound.

  69. Thank you very much for the article was helpful

  70. I got roped in by this free bottle, got taken for $180. I feel cheated, scammed, stupid and most of all it’s my own fault for not reading the terms and conditions. I’m absolutely blown away what this world has become to take money from hard working folks like myself. I like to think I’m pretty educated and online smart but this one got me.

  71. An update: I sent them several emails to cancel, but all I got was the same reply: that I had to call to cancel. I called twice and the sales rep acted pretty weird…kept having problems with her computer and phone. Finally she confirmed my cancellation and I asked for a confirmation email. She sent it three times and I still haven’t received it. Even double-checked to make sure she had my correct email address. I have a feeling she didn’t send anything or cancel the order. Next step: close my bank account….The only way to be safe.

  72. Scam 100% right, I ordered it, my bad not reading the fine print, if you don’y cancel in 15 days, it was 180.00 dollars, I had to cancel my credit card, they entire ignorant company said same protocol, no supervisors worth a nickel. Pure rip you off for a 14.00 free test and you pay shipping. Not to mention the pills did not work for anything. They got me good, hopefully not you too! I am a disabled Vet, 64 scammed

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