In December 2013, Facebook pages were only reaching around 10% of their audience. Now, in March 2012, the pages are only reaching 2% – 6%. Is this the writing on the “walls”?

Facebook Organic Reach Chart

Many marketers think this is a terrible idea. But what if it is a great idea, or at least an idea that turns a profit? There are a lot of people on Facebook- significantly more than on any other social media platform. By boosting posts, you influence what people see in their feed. You can target people based on their age, location, gender, interests, and even their connections. The ad platform is really great. By forcing companies to use boosted posts will Facebook boost sales?

There is a lesson here, and it is to not depend on a single social media platform. Many marketers and brands worked very hard and spent time and money building their Facebook audience and have received great engagement, which has now been taken away.

Anyways, regardless of if it is a good idea or not, it does appear that Facebook page reach will drop to 0%. If they lose money, maybe the trend will reverse, or maybe advertisers will start to diversify their social media presence. I’m guessing brands that have a Facebook strategy with clear goals will find money in their budget to dedicate to Facebook.


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