Left to right: Jesse Wojdylo, Matt Cutts, and Me.

A couple of months ago I went to UNC to see Google’s Matt Cutts give a speech titled “Lessons learned from the early days of Google“. He described some of his first algorithms he used for finding things online. He stressed that not everyone searches for things the same way and had some very funny examples of this while Google SafeSearch was in development.

Google and search engines exist to help bring content to people when they are searching for it. If you do not have content, or unique content, you’re really missing out on valuable traffic.

I know from my early days of developing content and running AdWords campaigns just how funny some searches can be. One example of this would be “computer repair”. I used to manage a PPC campaign for an IT company. In the early days, “computer repair” was a cheap enough keyword. As time went on, everyone targeted it. Terms they overlooked included PC service, fix computer, screen replacement, broken laptop, etc. Finding keywords like this meant the difference between paying $5 per click and 10 cents per click. Sure, more people were searching for “computer repair” than “PC service”, however, combine all of these things together and you have yourself a PPC campaign that costs a tenth of what the competitors are spending and results in about 10X the traffic. Content can be developed the same way.

When creating content, large pages that rank well can serve as pages which rank extremely well for long tail search results. New articles can also touch on a wide variety of other things that people may be searching for. An attorney that targets “car accidents” may want to create content around dangerous intersections, rear end accidents, whiplash injuries, texting and driving, settlement amounts, previous cases, accidents on Interstate 40, etc. as not everyone searches for “car accident lawyer”.

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