Dear Internet, I have solved the mystery; Elon Musk’s mysterious “Prehensile Eyebrows” Tweet is About Snapchat’s Eyebrow Weightlifting Game. It clicked today when I was goofing around with Snapchat’s new “Snappable” games which can be found in the selfie filters section after the most recent update. In one of the games, you lift weights using your eyebrows.

Apparently, despite having 21 million Twitter followers and numerous news articles written about this, I may just be the first person to figure this out and write about it. lol.

Here are my “prehensile eyebrows”:

And, here’s a GIF I just made of the eyebrows in action:


The other day I wrote a very random article on my website called “What are Prehensile Eyebrows?”. Why? I wanted to see how fast I could get a Featured Snippet. That’s because Google produces these special “answer boxes” above search results for popular questions or trending topics. The result of my experiment? What I believe to be the first documented Featured Snippet obtained in under 60 seconds.

Of course, “Prehensile” and “Prehensile Eyebrows” were trending in Google only because of Elon Musk’s mystery tweet which read “I have prehensile eyebrows”.

Mystery solved.

So there you have it, Internet. Elon Musk’s mysterious “Prehensile Eyebrows” tweet is almost definitely the reaction he had after playing the new Snapchat Eyebrow Weightlifting Game.

“Snappables” were just released at the end of April, 2018 and include a game where you bite a cucumber into as many pieces as possible and a dancing game which I never did completely figure out.

I was able to get 12 Eyebrow-presses in. I wonder how many Elon got…


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