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Your Web Designer knowingly screwed you.

In every industry there is a “web design company specializing in X”. You could be a veterinarian, plumber, or a chiropractor. These companies know better yet intentionally harmed your practice by putting content on your website which has been repeated 5,000 times across the web. They mine as well cut your phone lines and put a closed sign on your front door while they’re at it. As you can tell, this really ticks me off. Chiropractors are not marketers and every chiropractor I know doesn’t want to learn all about Google algorithms; they want to count on a professional just as their patients count on them when they have a back problem. Unfortunately, some marketing and web design companies see this as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of you. d

In a nutshell, Google rewards great content. If you put the same thing on your site that every other chiropractor in America has, your site will be judged worthless by the search engines. You wouldn’t keep buying the newspaper if it had the same news in it every day, would you? No. Content is the most important thing on your web site.

How to tell if you have the same content as everyone else.

Navigate over to a generic looking page on your site. See the one called “Chiropractic Myths” that your marketing company sold you? Yes, that one. Grab a sentence off of that, put it in quotes, and Google it. If you see thousands of other people with the exact same verbiage on their site, you need to change that. That page isn’t just useless; it is harmful to your Internet presence.

Now, go and update your content. If your time is better invested elsewhere, hire someone that knows what they’re doing.


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