websiteIf you are a lawyer or a law firm who needs bad links disavowed after receiving a penalty please feel free to contact me today.

I have multiple attorneys who I can use as a reference for my excellent work in the legal industry including bankruptcy, personal injury, and medical malpractice lawyers.

How did this happen?

The SEO world is disgusting. I have literally seen “SEO gurus” trying to sell replacement kidneys on the Internet in an effort to rip someone off.

While not all SEO people are that bad some are just idiots.

If you have received a manual penalty you will see the traffic to your website plummet.

Any chance of obtaining a lead from the Internet goes bye-bye as well.

For lawyers, there are 3 types of links: good, bad, and ugly. By this I mean links are good, worthless, or damaging. There isn’t much of an in between. If you have suffered a manual action, you have ugly links. Your SEO guru tried to manipulate Google and now you are paying the price.

What do I do moving forward?

  1. Begin correct SEO immediately.
  2. Submit a disavow file to Google.

If you have had a manual action it is important to not go through a long drawn out removal process. Removing bad links will take an experienced SEO team under 4 hours. I personally know an attorney who has been paying for his links to be disavowed for over 24 months now. That is asinine.

Really very little has changed in the last 20 years. Have great content and obtain some relevant links when possible.

Also, be the best. Reviews matter a lot these days. Not every family lawyer can roll out of bed and try to rank for “car accidents” these days. Google knows what your business entity provides and wants to connect people using their search engine with the best result possible. Don’t try to trick them!

I repeat: Have great content and obtain some relevant links when possible.

What do bad links look like?

If you have 500+ links to your site you are either extremely popular or you have been spamming the Internet.

Here are some BAD links taken directly from the Webmaster Tools account of a lawyer’s website who was penalized. We helped them recover from their manual penalty and their rankings returned. Many of the sites below are spam domains.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you want to see blatant spam just visit:

Here is a Google spokesperson discussing the Disavow tool:


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