This is the question I want answers to.

You see, someone began using my identity in May or June 2017. They applied for credit cards in Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Durham NC and more. They applied for credit cards from Barclay’s and Wells Fargo and other various credit unions. I didn’t even know until American Express called me. I documented it in the link above looking for answers, hoping that someone else affected would find my article. Thankfully, the breach cost me $0 but it did waste my time which is the same thing as stealing. But I am still curious as to WHO breached my data and never told me about it.

Then I heard about the Equifax breach, but the timeline didn’t completely add up.

Then today I found out that the breach initially occurred in April 2017, much earlier than initially reported.

Are Criminals Using Equifax Data and stealing identities already?

There are so many crummy articles online about the breach, it is practically impossible to sift through them. Everyone says there was a breach and criminals have everyone’s SSN. But who? Where? Are they using it already? If identities are already being stolen, when did it begin?

If I were a criminal who stole a bunch of identities I’d begin using them right away. Did the theft of identities begin in May? Am I one of the victims?

If you know the answer to this question or your identity has been stolen in 2017 please comment below, email me or call me as I’d love to compare notes with you. Or if you know if identities have already been stolen please let me know so that I can update this article with current, correct and helpful information.

If your identity was stolen in 2017 and you can comment below with a list of banks the thieves attempted to fraudulently open credit cards with, we’d love to have that information shared here as well.


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