On July 12, 2016, I put the article up titled Epic Local SEO and Content Tip for Pokémon Go. The tip was to basically create relevant and local content around Pokemon GO. A few people followed through with this and were rewarded with sweet, juicy Internet love (search traffic). Here’s an Analytics chart of someone who jumped onto the Pokemon train before the huge flood of Pokemon related content hit.


Here are some examples of creative traffic that I’ve seen so far.

  • A List of Pokemon GO car accidents. This law firm has hit the nail on the head here killing several birds with one stone, or, several pidgeys with one Pokeball? 🙂 I’m sure that they got the traffic which is always fun to see, this is an evergreen topic which will get links and improve their SEO. And, the accidents are already happening; a guy just crashed into a cop car while chasing Pokemon a few days ago. Doh!
  • Hunting Pokemon near Baton Rouge. Spillway Sportsman used this article on their blog to promote their fishing report and gun store. Nice!
  • Pokemon GO helping sell real estate. I’m not quite sure what this website is about but they are on to something. Pokemon GO is actually influencing where people live!
  • Massage for Pokemon GO Players. Now this is a good one. The massage therapist paired it up with another post on how to find Pokemon in their city, too.
  • Can my Business be a Pokémon Go Pokéstop? This article is actually by yours truly. It also happens to be off the chain. Business owners from all over the planet are emailing me all day long asking how they can be a Pokestop. I had to update the article in an effort to get them to leave me alone. The call from Italy was the last straw.
  • Yelp is now asking Yelper sif businesses have a Pokestop nearby. And yes it is affecting where people eat!
  • Finally, one of the most creative uses of Pokemon GO I’ve seen is where police in NH used the app to apprehend fugitives. Sweet!

Have you seen Pokemon used as content? Who? How? Where? When?

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  1. Those are some creative examples indeed! I found three more, specifically with content marketing: https://writehanded.co/3-found-success-using-pokemon-go-content-marketing/

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