I am currently seeking a Veterinarian with a DVM to author content online.

(If you’re NOT a DVM feel free to email me anyways, I am always looking to connect with other content creators).

I have the content already thoroughly prepared. You can look it over and make any edits needed to ensure it is factually correct.

Your name will be tied to this content (you will be the author). I currently have about 30 articles prepared, but I figured I should just stop there just in case I actually find a DVM who can “write for the web”.

This content is about dogs. Basic medical conditions, basically similar to the type of content you’d find on PetMD or VCA websites. Not medical journal quality, just content aimed at everyday dog owners.

This is a temporary position for a side project I have been putting off for years now. But if this sort of thing is fun for you, rest assured I have plenty of side projects for you to work on. I personally work with most of my clients, and many of my own project sites have been neglected for quite some time. You know what they say… The plumbers pipes always leak.. Or something like that….

I also need new content created from scratch.

Please note that I may have to edit YOUR content, but I can run the edits by you before it goes live. Any edits I make will basically be to ensure the content is laid out in a way that pleases both users and search engines.

In total I need around 50 pages about everything from eye diseases to diabetes.

Please email me via the contact form on my website for details.

Please do NOT apply if you’re not available. I do not care about your writing experience nor do I seek creativity, I just need a DVM who knowsor can verify facts.

The website this is going on will be a high authority site which exists to provide information. It is not spammed or even monetized although one day I may use it to sell calendars or some sort of product completely separate from the medical content.

Here’s a random picture of my dog, who thanks you in advance.


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