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Changes are Coming

Changes are coming to

I love the SEO world, but it has come to my attention I’ve been spreading myself too thin and spinning my wheels. I must come up with dedicated packages to concentrate on. I’d love to manage PPC campaigns, set people up with great images, write content, promote companies on Google+, but, I really need to concentrate on a few niche “products”.

This website will be reflecting these changes in the very near future.

Businesses need SEO and social media. A lot of them have been burned by SEO companies or are getting screwed by them right now. That salesman hunting you down to make a commission is completely wasting your money. I owned a brick and mortar company for 12yrs and could not afford to waste a penny and I refuse to waste anyone else’s.

I want to flip SEO on it’s head and provide real value. It has been my intention since starting this business and I fully intend on doing so.

Right now almost every business I look at is doing it wrong. Stop!!! Stop posting useless garbage on Facebook and wasting everyone’s time. Stop all the cruddy backlinks. Stop!

More coming soon.

Watch out world.



President at Telapost
I create content and do SEO for law firms, small businesses and companies worldwide. I have been generating traffic online since 1992. I have owned multiple successful companies. I'm an organic eater, nature lover and German Shepherd owner. Feel free to contact me here.

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