I recently downloaded and installed FireChat. This app sounds really cool; it is a chat app that negates the need for a network connection on your phone. Strangely enough though, I had to download it online and register it, so, it does require a network connection…

Anyways, supposedly FireChat works with other people near you. IF they are near you. If they are not, and you are connected to the Internet, it appears that you just get all kinds of random messages. For example, I just went to FireChat and I see people from Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois & California, even though I am sitting in the middle of North Carolina.

firechat screenshot

What gives?

Everyone on FireChat is asking the same question. How do I use this? It seems that nobody has any idea how it works. Unfortunately, I am a bit confused myself.

As for why you can not see people near you, it because there are not FireChat users near you. If you turn off your data connection, disconnect from your router, and fire up 2 or 3 phones with FireChat, you may then be able to chat with people near you. For FireChat to use your phone to communicate with others they must be close enough for WiFi, Bluetooth, or Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework.

  1. So I have firechat on an iPhone and android phone. Both are completely set up and on nearby but they both say no one is nearby. I have Bluetooth and wifi on on both phones. What am I missing?

  2. Not sure. Firechat is really confusing if you ask me.

  3. I have exactly the same problem. I thought this app will show me if someone nearby is using firechat but I cannot even find any screen in this app that possibly could show me nearby users?? I only see some messages from people from other countries?? How is that nearby? I don’t get it. Can anyone explain how this stupid app works?

    • No idea. I have read online how important it has been for some people who needed to communicate with other people near them via a social app, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. And I’ve used about every social app there is..

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