Articles are popping up everywhere on how great Google AMP is, why you need it, how to implement it, which plugins work best with it, what the AMP click through rate is, how to set up AMP for WordPress, etc, but everyone seems to forget to mention that Google Accelerated Mobile Pages are only for publishers.

Google AMP pages are not for business

No, you can not use them for business. Not right now anyways.

Publishers are organizations such as Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NY Post, etc.

You can see AMP pages in action if you search on your smart phone for things such as “Donald Trump” or “Bernie Sanders”, etc.

AMP screenshot

Outlined in red are AMP results

Will Google AMP pages come to businesses?

Honestly, I can’t think of a reason why Google would use AMP pages for businesses any time soon.

Generally, on publisher sites, they can take a while to load. In addition to being slow, there are ads popping up and all kinds of crud going on. AMP pages are lightning fast and there are strict specifications in place as to what ads may display where.

Thankfully, on most business sites, they are straight and to the point. Businesses also get local results and a significant amount of real estate in Google search results.


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