snapchat logoI was posed an interesting question this week regarding Snapchat and using it for personal injury attorneys.

I often tend to answer some questions in blog format. In repsonse, I put together this article: Can small businesses use Snapchat? In short, no, I do not see a way lawyers can use Snapchat.

But if they were to do so…..

I would imagine they would have to start by building a local following.

In some large cities this would be possible, especially if the lawyer is very active in the community and doing things that interest teenagers.

There is a gigantic audience of people on Snapchat looking for someone to entertain them.

How could someone build a local following?

A friend and I have kicked around ideas for this. You could probably write a book on how to build a local following, but there is likely no one good way to do so. Ideas included stickers and shirts featuring your snapcode. Are you somewhere where teenagers are going to want to stop you and ask to snap your shirt?

It is fun to ponder the numerous ways that this could be done.

To be honest, I have run low on ideas. Do you know a lawyer who has an audience on Snapchat? If so, what is their username? How many followers do they have? How will they make money from their efforts? Does one of their fans have to get hit by a car? I am not being silly; these are real questions.

Social networks for personal injury attorneys

While we’re on the subject, is there a good network for personal injury attorneys? The go to network seems to be Facebook. But if you’ve used Facebook you know that is where people go to catch up with their friends and family. Most people I talk to (who are NOT in the marketing field) tell me that they absolutely hate ads in their stream. Yes, they use the word hate. In fact, they DO attempt to follow businesses they like (such as the local baker who is always making awesome doughnuts) but since the baker’s posts are throttled they can’t even see them anyways. Most attorneys practicing personal injury just don’t have many fans. It is almost like offering transmission repair. Yeah, it is wonderful that there is someone reputable out there that can fix your transmission when it dies, but nobody wants to follow them on Facebook, nor do they even want their service to begin with; heck, people don’t even want to buy gas, let alone a $2000 car part that takes 9 days to install. I owned a service oriented business myself once, and I get this.

What works better is showing up in search and answering people’s questions, then, when people have the intention of finding you, they do.

Social media can be used for networking. Twitter and LinkedIn are good places for attorneys to network. Marketing content on these networks is tough though- if you have a good blog, most people are just going to copy your ideas. I personally avoid many social networks, but they can work for some people, including attorneys who have time to spend on them.


If you know of an attorney on Snapchat please comment below.

  1. I like how you said, “…they would have to start by building a local following”. My friend opened some social media accounts of late. He says that it should help his law firm get more business. Also, he says that social media is the wave of the future for law firms. How exactly does Snapchat work?

    • He must have a lot of time on his hands, which is good, because he will soon find out that he’s wasting it. 🙂

  2. There has to be a way to capitalize on a social platform that has 100M users. What if a lawyer used snapchat to offer small give aways in his or her local community. A lawyer could buy,for example, 50 $5 gift cards to a local coffee shop and give them away to anyone who snapped to them? Round about way to generate a roi but gets your name out there in a local community.

  3. Community involvement is great, but, I would start by physically going out in to the community.

    There are many ways to capitalize on it, just not lawyers. Here are some people capitalizing on Snapchat.

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