linksEvery day I get an email from someone trying to sell me a backlink from and my clients do too. Should you purchase a backlink from HuffPost?


History Lesson

Up until 2017ish there was an easily accessible publisher network on Huffington Post. They got rid of around the time of their rebrand to HuffPost. Anyone who still had access was indeed able to post, however their outbound links had zero SEO value as they were “NoFollow”, which essentially tells search engines not to pass along any SEO juice to the site being linked to.

Then why are people still selling HuffPost Links?

Well, these are spammers begging for money, what do you expect?

Spammers have yet to update their email templates. That’s all. They also list Forbes and Inc and and a bunch of other sites which also NoFollow their links and have for a year or two or three.

Although, some spammers still have HuffPost Access.

The HuffPost Opinion Section

HuffPost has an opinion section. All you have to do is pitch HuffPost and get accepted and you can indeed get access to their site. I know multiple people who can go in here and post an article and link out.

Are these links worth anything?


HuffPost editors probably do not trust any of the authors in the opinion section of their website as all outbound links are NoFollow.

Are NoFollow Links that Bad?

NoFollow links are part of any natural backlink portfolio, however, in this case HuffPost links are worth $0.

There are plenty of places to get a NoFollow link. For example, you could comment below and get one. Go for it, it’s worthless, but at least it is free.

  1. Just commenting to get my high quality no-follow link lol.

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