seo not neededEvery day I run into companies that do not need SEO. If you know of a business that does not need SEO please feel free to comment at the bottom of this article. I will also be updating this list whenever I bump into a company that does not need exposure in search.

Before getting to the list I did want to state that there is a growing number of companies that think they do not need SEO because they have burned or have simply never experienced the power of ranking in search. Ranking on the front page means different things for different businesses. For a pizza shop it may mean 200 sales a day and for a law firm it may mean 1 solid lead every month or two. I guess that is beyond the scope of this article, however, make no mistake, there are a LOT of people using search. Don’t take my word for it; just ask any business owner who ranks on page

Businesses that do not need SEO

  • Good Bookkeepers. Like any good word of mouth business bookkeepers are difficult to find, IMO. I recently asked a CPA who they recommended and they pointed me to a local bookkeeper. They saw what I did and asked me a new question: “Len, we only take referrals from other professionals, but we keep getting all kinds of calls off of our website. We rank on page 1 from people referring us. Can you make this stop?” I guess that IS an SEO question. Anyways, I informed them that they could noindex their site and they were thrilled that the spiders would leave them alone in the future.
  • Some Personal Injury Attorneys. This is odd since I provide this service. But, in almost every city there is an attorney who only wants to take on 1 or 2 cases a year. That, or they specialize in airplane crashes or something and every other decent attorney within 500mi is going to refer cases to them. Ither attorneys make money from these referrals anyways, so it doesn’t hurt them.
  • Some Criminal Defense Attorneys. In major cities there is usually an attorney that is out there that is a very smart person and will charge you a lot of money to help you. A great defense attorney once told me his fees. They were “everything my client owns”. He only accepted high end clients accused of murder. I guess if you don’t pay him you’re getting executed anyways, so why not give him your entire life’s savings?
  • Popular startups. Today I bumped in to They are so interesting they are probably getting thousands of links as I type this article. See? I just linked to them. As long as they don’t completely screw up their website they will probably never need much SEO. Well, at least, they will never need any type of link building service.

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