It is not an April Fool’s joke. Some businesses and their reviews are completely missing in Google search.

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The horrifying sight when a business has no Google reviews!

I first noticed this problem around 4PM eastern time on April 1, 2016. A local business I work with which displays very prominently in search results had their telephone quit ringing.

We were horrified to see the listing missing in search.

When I located the business in Maps all of the reviews were gone.

Had the account been hacked? No.

I spoke with Google representatives today who informed me that the problem is widespread and that the problems will be resolved “as soon as possible”.

  1. Hello, I have had a Google local listings page for over 7 years and all my reviews have disappeared. Also the main keywords to located my buessiness have also disappeared on search results. Hopefully this issue is resolved fairly quickly. Even searching exact name of business Ultimate Wireless Store – Einstein repairs doesn’t show up. But when I log into my business page it’s there with the images Phone number and about info still there. Just reviews are missing.

    • One other issue I noticed was under insights it shows a volume amount of views but 0% on the clicks. If I Google business address and business name together under search results it shows as a business but not a google plus or Google my business listings.

    • Precisely the problem, Martin. Hoping it is fixed soon…. This is a nightmare for many people….

  2. If I Google my business name the little box on the side is completely gone from search results. My phone is not ringing and I had to send my employees home. I have been in business over a decade and worked hard for my reviews. When exactly will this be fixed???

  3. Update: Now in Google My Business there is a notice which reads:

    “some business information is not being shown in Google Search and Maps results. Our team will have the issue fixed soon.”

  4. Update: I am testing moving the map marker a teeny tiny bit in | Address. I saw this today on a Google help resource and have fixed listings in the past like this as well. More news soon.

  5. Update: The repair above worked great! Literally within seconds of moving the map marker a couple of centimeters, a business I have access to popped back up in the search results and their reviews are back in place. Yay!

    • That worked! My business is listed in search again, the little box is showing, and my reviews have returned. Thanks!!

  6. Update 4/2/2016: At this point, affected businesses we were monitoring have returned to normal without any human intervention.

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