On June 23rd 2016 Snapchat began their Brexit story called the EU Referendum. I have here below screenshots of most of the story for you.

Should I stay or should I go?

In case you have been underneath a rock, the question for people in the UK was “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

The voting took place on Thursday June 23rd and the news was released Friday June 24th, 2016. The Snapchat story covers both dates, as noted below.

June 23, 2016 Snaps

Most of these snaps were taken by people on the way to polling stations. Polling went until 10PM. There were some funny snaps as people raced in with seconds to spare.

"Make sure you vote today"

“Make sure you vote today”

This lady describes what people will be voting for

This lady describes what people will be voting for


Stay or Leave the EU?

Stay or Leave the EU?


This guy voted

This guy voted

Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron urging people to vote, and to vote and stay in the EU.

David Cameron on his way to vote.

David Cameron on his way to vote.

This guy wants cheaper flights.

This guy wants cheaper flights.

He voted for a Brexit.

He voted for a Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn


Tim Farron




She voted


Big Ben?! Is that you?!


Snaps from June 24 2016

Here it is, first snaps upon hearing that there will be a Brexit.

The votes have been tallied and stock markets are about to take a hit…


And the results are in. People of the UK have voted to leave the EU. This guy seems pretty happy about it.


This guy is doing a little happy dance. Not sure why anyone who is awake at this hour is happy, but whatev.


I think this guy was happy.


David Cameron comes out to say something…


The Prime Minister just quit.


And he’s gone.


Stock markets did bad things today. It wasn’t a good day to be trading, unless you hold mostly precious metals like me. lol


Over 48% of people feel like this girl.



The police had to come and move people so that Boris Johnson could leave.


Nice shirt!



What do you think?

Are you in this story? Do you know what the difference is between Great Britain, the UK and the EU? Do you use Snapchat? Do you think Donald Trump will win in 2016? Do you have Internet access?

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