billboardI’ll try to cut right to the chase. I have 3 important points to make in this article which is for any personal injury lawyer consider a billboard.

#1. Billboards and intent

I personally owned a service based business (IT) for 13 years. Nobody wanted to hear my ads or think about something terrible happening to their computer until it happened. Once that happened they went to Google. I wrote 1,600 These days I craft content for personal injury lawyers and it generates leads. It is your billboard for the internet. When someone asks Google “can I sue if I’ve been hit by a drunk driver”, you need to show up. Only a fraction of people are typing in “personal injury lawyer”. I have the data to prove this and plenty of extremely successful law firms who will be thrilled to drop what they’re doing and recommend me.

#2. Do Billboards work?

It just so happens that I own some land and lease a billboard on it. The billboard is never vacant. For $10k/yr you can stick your ad on it (I get a tenth of that from the billboard company). I don’t know if it works. I live near Raleigh NC and have seen billboard ads in Charlotte, Wilmington, and all over the state. I assume they work for SOME people. One attorney near me is James Scott Farrin. He is on the radio, TV, on the billboard, and everywhere. He must spend a million a year in offline advertising. Other than him, there is no personal injury attorney in the world that I can remember. I’ve seen ads in yellow pages and on billboards well over 5,000 times. Am I going to call Mr. Farrin if I am hit by a truck? No. I am going to turn to the Internet anyways and look for someone who specializes in car wrecks. I also only do business with people who pay attention to their online presence, because that tells me they are at least within 20 years of me on the technology curve. There is no way I would let an attorney represent me that has a crappy website. that may not be fair but that is just the way I think. Just like when I go to the dentist- there are dentists who can get the job done with a few metal tools but I want the one who can show me my tooth on a 42″ screen and has the latest in healthcare technology.

So, I personally feel they DO work, but only for the guy that wants “branding” and to be seen absolutely everywhere and can afford it.

#3. Content and intent

So many people found my IT business in search we ended up having clients world wide. I scrapped all other forms of advertising as the content paid off so well. After 13 years of people telling me “Len, I need you to help my business online” I finally sold the business which is alive and well to this day, still dominating search engines and catering to people’s intent.

By intent I mean this: When you want Thai food and you Google Thai food and a restaurant shows up, it is there because you intended on finding it. Do you have a plumber’s magnet on your fridge? No. You don’t want a plumber, nor do you want 4″ of water in your living room. Nobody wants a brain injury, either. People do not ever want to use your services, but when they need them, they turn to the Internet.

After selling the business I ended up working in a wide variety of niches, again, due to my content, world wide. These days I concentrate on injury lawyers in the USA. Completely by accident, in part to seeing the deplorable job other marketers did for lawyers, it became my niche. Contact me today- I’ve already studied your niche. You can also visit my page dedicated to personal injury content.


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