businessI have been observing a law firm in the Los Angeles area for around 12 months now who has an “SEO expert” working with them. Unfortunately, the SEO expert appears to do the opposite of what they should do repeatedly.

This includes:

  • Significant amounts of downtime on a regular basis
  • Excessive 501, 502, 404, 301, 302 error codes
  • Bloated code being added to the site
  • They stopped creating content on a regular basis
  • Breaking up high ranking articles, drastically reducing tremendous benefits of long tail search

I can only logically conclude that the SEO expert is either stupid and highly incompetent or is secretly working against them.

I have been taking screenshots to share internally. The first 6 months were quite amusing but at this point we actually feel sorry for the attorney who is getting screwed over as the rankings and traffic to his site dwindle away into the abyss.

At this point we believe that the “SEO expert” is, in fact, intentionally working against them.

Always have an exclusivity clause

Exclusive dealing arrangements are, generally speaking, requirements in contracts in which an SEO provider agrees to only provide services to one niche or geographical area.

I know an SEO salesman in the Raleigh North Carolina area who has around 10 dentists as clients. With local search results limited to 3 winners, who do you think they are working the hardest with? Probably the 3 clients who pay the most. To be fair though the agency the salesman works with actually provides no SEO, they simply scam people. so, all 10 people are getting screwed.

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Have you seen a dirty SEO expert intentionally sink a client before?


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