wolf in sheep's clothing

I thought I had seen it all with SEO companies but now along comes the content companies.

Today I spoke with an optometrist in the UK. His website was started in the 1990s and recently began losing rankings in Google search.

What happened?

I took a look at his content.

One of the least talked about things in the SEO world is the impact quality has on the Google algorithm. Expect more of this as we move forward. Much more. Content also impacts SEO in a very wide variety of ways.

The content was duplicated.

The company had literally copied the content from another website and pasted on to his.

The marketing company appeared professional.

This place is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if I’ve ever seen one. They said all the right things. Their website looks better than mine. And their “client list” includes Microsoft, National Geographic, US Dept of Homeland Security, AT&T, American Airlines, and more.

Red flags

I have multiple high profile clients. Do you think I am going to tell you who thy are? No.

Homeland security? Microsoft? Really? If there re two organizations on earth who write their own content, it is these two.

Protect yourself from content scams

Ask for samples and references. Can the copywriter produce content which actually ranks in search and makes money? Can they mimic your voice? Are they just regurgitating content off of other people’s websites?


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