autoblogWordPress and other blogging software allow the installation of plugins to autoblog. Autoblogging pulls content from another website’s RSS feed and places it onto your website. It sure would be nice if the content wrote itself.

Should you autoblog?

No!!! If nothing else, your content needs to be unique and add value. This is the entire point of creating content. Google rewards sites that create valuable and unique content.

Google omits duplicate content from search results

Have you ever seen a book on the bestseller’s list that was just the same text pulled out of another book? Of course not. Nobody would ever want to read that book, and of course, Google does not want to send people to a website that adds nothing of value. If the content on your site is just content pulled from another source, it is essentially useless and serves no purpose. If your website is useless and serves up nothing of value, I expect Google’s algorithm to keep me away from that website.

Duplicate content comes in many flavors. This form of content is usually found on real estate, veterinarian, and other professional websites. Some companies even sell this content or give it away with their other packages (such as web design). Some marketing people will tell you that having an informative and up to date blog draw in potential customers. While having an informative and up to date blog does help, all of your content needs to be unique. This should be content’s golden rule; if anything, your content should be unique. Some content may be copyright protected. In the event someone is selling you duplicate content, it is, at best, worthless. At this point in time, autoblogged content will not actually get your website penalized by Google, but again it is not going to help your site. I have never in my life seen “linkworthy” content that is autoblogged. The content is usually very generic, such as “Home Sales Increase…”. If you are a real estate agent this is not the type of content you need on your website. Good content is content that people will want to share with their mom. It is content that is unique. A real estate agent could talk about neighborhoods- how far they are from certain schools, when they were built, the age of the homes in them, etc. Just automatically throwing the same thing onto their site that 400 other websites have already put up is not going to help.

Would you drive to Charlotte to buy a newspaper that has the same content in it that you just read in Raleigh’s paper? No. When Google indexes content to display in search they are going to find the same article 400 times. Not only is it not going to help your site, it is going to omit your autoblogged content. You mine as well print it off and light it on fire and flush the ashes down the toilet.

It won’t hurt, but it won’t help. You could wake up every morning and bang your head on the wall. As long as you don’t slam it too hard, nobody will ever notice and you will likely not get brain damage. That is another task that you can perform if you’d like to do something that won’t hurt and won’t help. Just roll out of bed, find the nearest wall, arch your back a little bit, and move your head forward with some speed so that your forehead makes contact with the wall. If you hear a good “thud” sound, you will have accomplished your goal. If your vision temporarily goes dark or you hear a ringing sound, you are likely doing it just a little too hard. Ease up next time.


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