There are certain niches I find myself catering to. At least a few times each week, I have to turn away people who need SEO help. I can’t help everyone, and if you’re a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none. We currently work with lots of law firms, and we are constantly hearing from publishers, people with blogs, health and nutrition websites, survival sites, firearms companies, eCommerce sites and news publishers who need help and are prepared to pay for it.

Many of these clients need quality site audits, assistance recovering from penalties, help creating and submitting disavow files, assistance building websites.

Tragically, when I can’t help them, many people go on to find an incompetent SEO agency which is ready to take their money and rip them off.

How Much do SEO Referrals Cost?

I do not charge SEO consultants for leads and no commission is expected.

I love small businesses, and I genuinely want to connect entrepreneurs with SEO consultants who can assist them.

Occasionally, I do come across a very large lead who I could help or I could refer out. This would be the type of client that requires agency assistance and is a project for multiple employees. I do refer some of these out for a commission. In the past I’ve been offered 15% for this type of lead.

Contact me today.

If you are struggling to get that first client or grow your portfolio and need a helping hand, please feel free to email me. Please be prepared to briefly show me that you can actually get results and understand how to keep a client happy. If that’s you, I’ll be happy to send you business.


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