I have been meaning to write Yik Yak and will do so in just a moment. I thought I would put together a very quick article here though in case I forgot, and for future reference.

People have very short attention spans these days. Ironically, it is likely due in part from the stimulation that comes from swiping through social media apps and tapping on notifications. IMO Social Apps like Yik Yak need to have a Rule #1 that clearly states nothing you do on the Internet is really anonymous and if you threaten someone using this app or any other you will be arrested for it.

As a network engineer in a previous life it is pretty hard for me to fathom that some people don’t understand this, but, apparently some do not: Data has to get to your telephone somehow! The way computers (and cell phones) work is almost like the post office. Just as the mailman bring a letter to your home, when data is sent to a computer it is routed specifically to your device’s address. Therefore, anything you do on the Internet via your phone can easily be tracked to you. Duh.


It is sad seeing so many people making stupid, mean, or threats on anonymous social media. A step like this would save law enforcement (and taxpayers) millions of dollars, cut back on hateful, bullying, and racist comments, threats, save children from going to prison, and make the world a happier place.

For reference:

Here’s a screenshot of the rules shown to people on Yik Yak as they log in as of November 28, 2014:

rules screenshot


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