So, first of all, there are some fantastic people on AirBNB, and AirBNB is doing a lot of good. If you’re looking for a place this week in western NC or SC, there is a button to offer up a room or a campground for free, and a ton of people have risen to this challenge. So, there’s a lot more good than bad!

AirBNB Price Gouging During Hurricane Florence

Unfortunately, there are some idiots out there. Now, it IS there house and they can charge whatever they want for it…. It’s just that… You just should never complete a deal unless both parties walk away happy.

Don’t do anything in the day time that will keep you up at night time.

I was thinking of leaving my place since I have some huge trees beside my house and I’m paranoid they’re going to fall down and crush me. If this is the last article on this website – that’s what happened to me. During my search, I came across some houses which should normally be about $150. They’re listed for $950!

I didn’t report it – not sure what happens if I do. I suspect the user isn’t breaking any rules. They’re a new user, so there’s no proof that they suddenly jacked their price up as soon as Hurricane Florence hit the news.

This isn’t the only listing – there are more like it.

Have you seen price gouging during Hurricane Florence?

If it was on AirBNB or on a Facebook Marketplace where someone wanted $20 for a box of water, please tell us about it in the comments below.


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