Google has been testing a 4 pack for a while now (a local 3 pack with 1 ad) and I had a feeling the 4 packs may arrive in 2017. It looks like they could be here.

The tests Google previously ran only lasted 30 minutes or so, but all day long I saw them January 29, 2017, and they are still up.

I have been ill with a cold so I had lots of time to play on my phone between naps.

Anyways, here are some screenshots. I had the most luck with local searches in Dallas Texas for bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury attorneys, criminal defense law firms, and Dallas Optometrists.

4 pack – Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer – screenshot 1/29/2017

Here’s an optometrist screenshot:

Screenshot 1/29/2017 Dallas Optometrist

I have now spotted these in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston & NYC.

At this point I am not certain if the changes are here to stay or not or if they will affect other business types.

What do you think?

Does Google have too many ads on mobile? Will you try the ads? Have you seen this yourself in major cities?


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