If you are one of the businesses to have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be located in a Pokestop, you can now add this information to Yelp.

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Will this even be a thing?

I asked someone today if they used Yelp’s filters and while they used Yelp they had no idea what I was talking about. Unfortunately, many Yelpers simply use Yelp as an alternative to the telephone book. Still, Yelp is definitely onto something and it is great to see how agile they are and how quickly they can implement a new idea.

Adding your Pokestop to Yelp

At the moment I do not see a great way for a business owner to add their own Pokestop information, but active Yelpers are being asked if certain types of businesses are Pokestops or not. Restaurants and Cafes are good examples.

From the official Yelp announcement:

In order to leave no PokéStop unturned, we need your help! To identify a business that’s in the vicinity of a PokéStop, check-in to that location on Yelp and answer a quick question to let fellow Yelpers and trainers know that this is the place they want to be.

This is what the screen looks like:



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