According to the CDC, the flu season picks up in October. Of course, this varies around the United States due to location, and of course the strain of the flu. In North Carolina, over the last 3 years,  influenza has been most prevalent from October to May, as seen below, image courtesy of


Is the flu here in North Carolina in September?

While no influenza diagnostic test was done, a doctor told a sick family member today that they believe they had the flu.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out anything about the flu coming to NC in September this year online. Is it just not online, or is the flu not here yet? It is September 12 2016, and this person has been ill since around September 3. They frequent the Cary and Apex NC areas, just West of Raleigh, although has recently been to Pittsboro, Durham and Chapel Hill.

The CDC offers a current US Flu Activity Map, but, it was last updated May 2016.

On the CDC’s FluView page, it does show some sort of uptick in flu illness. “Week 35” is the last recorded dot on the chart and is the week ending September 3 2016.


2016 – 2017 Flu Symptoms

Since the CDC and other government websites haven’t listed any 2016-2017 specific symptoms just yet it is tough to say what those symptoms will be. I can say the person I know “with the flu” in mid 30s, has a mild fever just under 100, is fatigued, tired, runny nose, and a mild cough.

According to the CDC, flu symptoms may include:

  • A 100oF or higher fever or feeling feverish (not everyone with the flu has a fever)
  • A cough and/or sore throat
  • A runny or stuffy nose
  • Headaches and/or body aches
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea (most common in children)

Do you have the flu?

Do you think you have the flu? I want to hear from you! Please comment below if you are in North Carolina or beyond and are experiencing flu like symptoms. I only found some news online about the flu hitting some college students in Texas and someone in Arkansas complaining on Twitter about possibly having the flu.

  1. Hi Len, I live in asheville and two days ago I was in sherwin Williams. Three guys there thought they were coming down with a bug. At first I thought they probably all have ragweed allergies and aren’t aware that it’s ragweed season.
    But, last night I started getting all the flu symptoms listed and I’m in bed feeling like cr*p. Could this be flu or allergies? I normally just get itchy eyes and nose this time of year, but not flu symptoms.

  2. Oh no, I hope that you feel better. The family member that I know that had it was sick for nearly 14 days. The doctor couldn’t do anything to treat it since it wasn’t a virus. It has finally started to clear up. It was mostly a “blah” feeling, lots of bed and sleep, stomach pain, feeling “like cr*p”, etc.

  3. I live in ca and I’ve got it all

  4. Don’t know what I got but I am in Chapel Hill and became very sick today. I can’t get out of bed.

  5. In Norfolk, VA. Google’d “flu in September” and ended up here. I have extreme body aches, a mild fever, and painful congestion. Guess the flu traveled north before I could get the shot.

  6. Spouse has had aches, fever, chills, sniffles, stuffy nose, weakness, a little nausea and been in bed now since noon Wednesday Nov 16 through now Sat. Nov 19 afternoon and took Aleve the past 2 days which has helped relieve the fever and aches. Ate very little first couple of days, today have eaten toast, scrambled eggs, some light soup and drinking juice and choc. milk so slowly recovering, but still total bed rest except going to kitchen to eat and drink and to bathroom. I did not take to Dr. today as spouse was feeling better today as far as the fever going down and improved appetite, but during night spouse had said they had felt like they were going to die! No cough or chest congestion or breathing problems thankfully or I would have taken them to doctor for antibiotics

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