I first jumped online in 1988. By 1992 I was running a BBS. There were only about 50 websites back then. Since then I have worked with almost every type of website imaginable. I now purchase websites from people like you.

If you have a website for sale please feel free to contact me today. Please glance through the rest of this page before making contact though.

Other places to sell websites

The vast majority of webmasters have no good place to sell their website. That is where I come in. I also have several investors on hand interested in passive income sites.

There are marketplaces to sell websites if your site generates over $50,000 in sales each year. 99.999% of websites will never achieve that level of sales. If you are in this category, your options to sell are very limited.

Here they are:

  • $0 – $20k in annual revenue. The only options here are direct sales to someone like us or Flippa. After extensively researching Flippa, however, I have yet to see many good sites actually sell here. Feel free to do some research and draw your own conclusions.
  • $20k – $50k in annual revenue. Same.
  • $50k or more in annual revenue. Sites in this range can be sold on a traditional business sales network such as BizBuySell. Domain brokers in this niche include Empire Flippers and Digital Exits.

Websites we do not purchase

There are a few websites that we have no interest in purchasing. These websites are:

  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Penalized websites
  • Sites under 1 year old

Sites we are especially interested in

Please feel free to contact us about any type of website that you have for sale. However, there are a few sites that we are most interested in. They are:

  • Amazon Affiliate Sites
  • Blogs (established)
  • Business Websites
  • Google Adsense Sites
  • Google News Websites
  • Sports Websites

How much is my website worth?

In general, most websites sell for 8X – 36X their monthly profit. An Adsense site making $10/mo may be worth $100 or so. This, however, depends on a very wide variety of factors. Feel free to contact us today for an appraisal of your website.

Contacting us to sell your website

Please contact us using the contact form on this site. Be sure to let us know if you are interested in an appraisal, selling a site, buying a site, etc. If you have a price in mind please include it.