spanish SEOIf you need help with Spanish translation or effectively implementing it on your site for maximum visibility in Google search results feel free to contact me today. I have limited availability but I do work with companies and law firms who wish to get maximum exposure and stay ahead of the curve in search. I have ranked Spanish content in some of the most competitive niches in the United States.

Why have Spanish content?

With 41 million native speakers, the USA is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world.

The huge opportunity most people miss when it comes to SEO is CONTENT.

I have seen high ranking attorney websites which get 25 visitors a week and others which get 2,500 visitors each week. The more content, the merrier.

What is more interesting is the number of Spanish speaking business owners and businesses that have NO Spanish content on their website.

It is the equivalent of not even having a website when it comes to your Hispanic audience.

Spanish Translation for SEO

When it comes to Spanish translation there are a few important notes.

  • You may not need much “SEO”: If you already have a powerful website, and none of your competitors have Spanish content, you will rank immediately simply by having the translated content on your website.
  • Do you just need a page or a whole site conversion? If you are running WordPress, plugins like WPML are a huge bonus. Using this plugin, you can have pages in as many languages as you’d like. I recommend using the /es/ folder structure. In other words, if you own, your Spanish translated page would be
  • Technical SEO: Canonical tags and pages are a thing. You will get an error in Google Search Console if you do not have this set up correctly, and it will negatively impact the ranking of your translated content.
  • Hire a professional translator. I have recommendations if you need them. Using Google translate or even a bilingual employee WILL result in terrible translation fails. You’ll be trying to tell people about your father’s day gifts but your text will read that you spank potatoes, or something ridiculous like that.
  • There is a huge opportunity. Very few people are putting out Spanish content. I meet bilingual attorneys and business owners all the time who fluently speak Spanish and know enough about SEO to get themselves in trouble, and, they have no Spanish content on their website.