plumber - dripping pipeGot a leaky website?

If you are looking for plumber SEO, read on. Below is a page that thoroughly explains how I provide search engine optimization and content marketing services for plumbers and the plumbing industry.

We may or may not be a good match! I am definitely not looking to take on all plumbers, and not all plumbers are a good match. However, this page is crafted to let you know everything that you need to know to grow your plumbing business.

Why do I do Plumber SEO?

Simple: I have a blast doing SEO for plumbers! You have to do what you love, right?

My main niche is personal injury attorney SEO. It may even benefit you to read about this and how I work with firms who settle out 200 million dollar cases. These attorneys work in cities which are VERY competitive. Some of the attorneys I work with spend well over $50,000 each month on SEO, content development, PPC, social media, and other forms of Internet marketing. They were my goal, and, I now have several firms that I work with that are doing wonderful in Google search. It took years to become that good.

I personally owned a service oriented business in Cary, North Carolina for over a decade and have been in your shoes as well. I’m not a salesman who works on a commission or exists to rip you off. In fact, I understand that most of the SEO industry sucks!

How does plumber SEO work?

Plumbers typically need 3 things.

  1. A site that works great. I have no desire to rebuild your website, nor am I a world class designer. But, you DO need a simple website (like this one) which is WordPress and works on mobile devices. When people are looking for a plumber they just want to see that you’re reputable and service their area and they want to call you. They don’t care what color your site is, how cool your logo is, or about any of that stuff.
  2. SEO. When websites are referenced from around the web via links they begin to perform better. It is rare people link to plumbers but with a helping hand links can be built. You do not need them forever. Also, links come in good, bad, and ugly. Many links will hurt your site! I build as few links as possible to start getting some rankings going. From there, the content takes over.
  3. Content, content, content. Some people call it content marketing. All plumbers have different services. Some want residential work and rooter jobs. Some want to sell camera inspections. Some want commercial plumbing jobs. Whatever your niche is, I can work with it and build out content which answers people’s questions. Not everyone is searching for “Rooter, Raleigh NC”. Some people are looking for a sewer snake, a camera inspection, a plumber, someone to replace their hot water tank- the list goes on. I can cover everything, even the kitchen sink! Most of my plumbers get about 6 unique articles each month from me without breaking the bank. Ongoing articles help boost your major “money pages”.

How much does Plumber SEO cost?

There is no trick question here. When you contact me, please let me know your budget. This is the amount you’re comfortable spending on a monthly basis long term. I have no desire to work with a company that needs a quick boost, I want plumbers who are interested in growing their business for years to come. I won’t lock you in to a huge long term agreement, either.

I am looking for individual plumbers with $500 or more to spend or larger plumbing companies that are individually owned.

How long does it take to rank?

That is like me asking you what is stuck in my sewage pipe; every single case is different. If you want to be #1 for Los Angeles Plumber, well, you’d better be prepared to spend big bucks and wait a while. I actually DO have a client in a major city at the top of Google, but, this kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight. Of course, I do not want to sell you marketing that does not deliver a good return on investment, either. The best thing you can do is contact me with your website address and let me poke around a bit.

Plumbers I do not take:

In every city there seems to be a plumber or three with a bad reputation. It is a shame, but hey, it happens in every niche. If you upsell poor old retired grandma a complete $6000 overhaul of her pipes because she had a hairball, please do NOT reach out to me; no amount of money will persuade me to work with you.