Screenshotof the backend of a Justia website.

Screenshotof the backend of a Justia website.

Hello, my name is Len. I have been helping online services perform since 1992 and I now help personal injury law firms almost exclusively. I work with some of the most reputable firms in the country and I have plenty of references available upon request if we are a good match. If you need assistance ranking your Justia hosted website just contact me today. For a very detailed explanation of my services feel free to visit my page dedicated to personal injury lawyer SEO.

SEO for Justia

Justia sites are fairly SEO friendly but adding content to them can be a bit of a bear. The SEO “team members” at Justia can handle technical SEO. That is, getting content added, HTTPS conversions, adding title tags, etc. But, if you are in a war with your competition or simply in a competitive niche your on-site technical SEO is about 2% of the battle. You are going to need content that Google loves and powerful links to your site. Having worked with attorneys for years now, I have access to dozens of legal websites and have studied every tactic imaginable from the most competitive niches such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Not affiliated with Justia

I am not affiliated with Justia, nor will I ever be. As far as I know Justia does not offer SEO services of any type. I could be wrong but I have never bumped into this service of theirs nor am I aware of anyone using these services. I do however have multiple clients who use Justia. I know the back end of their content management system like the back of my hand.

Justia to WordPress Site Conversion

If you find that your SEO is lacking now may be the time to move to a WordPress website. All of my clients get lots and lots of content on a regular basis. My time is best spent creating this content or performing SEO. A page I can add in 1 minute in WordPress may take me 1 hour in a Justia backend. I have handled many platform moves and can help you make sure things do not go wrong in the conversion process. If you are considering changing from Justia to WordPress contact me today and I will be happy to tell you precisely what you will need in place to accomplish this task.

Working with Justia Websites

If you already have a 1,000 page site and/or simply refuse to leave Justia I can still work with you and help you get your website ranked. However, be aware that the platform was developed long ago and there are limitations to it and these are growing by the day. Accelerated Mobile Pages, 100% responsive themes, and multilingual sites are all current complications.