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I have access to dozens of personal injury websites, legal website, automotive blogs, injury sites and products liability resources.

No, I do not operate a blog backlink network, I have just written for and accumulated a vast list of legitimate sites that I work with. I am also the content manager on many of these websites, as I work with personal injury lawyer content.

If you would like to get mentioned on one of these sites and you also own or work with a law office, contact me today. Your information will remain 100% confidential and we can work something out which is beneficial to both parties.

Guest post articles to avoid

Finding a place to add content has become increasingly difficult over the years, but let’s face it, quality content only gets you so far. If your competitors are doing SEO and manually building links, you have no choice but to create epic content which obtains natural links, and sometimes spreading the word can be difficult without a helping hand. Lots of folks turn to very low quality blogs to contribute to, and doing so, at best, produces no results, and at worst gets you penalized. If someone suggests you guest blog on a site about vacation homes or architecture…. Run!