If your website has suffered a manual action or algorithmic penalty and you would like to get the penalty removed feel free to contact us today once you have read this page.

Who we help with penalty removal

With clients worldwide, we are practitioners of white hat SEO working in some of the toughest niches out there. To be perfectly honest, we are a bit picky in who we work with- but most people have nothing to worry about.

Generally we will work towards getting your penalty reversed as part of a larger SEO package.

Who we help:

  • Businesses who have been screwed over by an “SEO Company”.
  • Businesses who have unintentionally triggered a Google penalty due to things such as vague Schema guidelines
  • Websites which are not ranking due to unknown reasons (often due to inbound links or websites with thin content).
  • Webmasters who have turned their act around

We do not help people who are intentionally using black hat tactics.

What causes Google penalties?

If Google thinks you’re gaming the system or discovers that you are violating their guidelines or your site is just of poor quality overall, you can expect one of these penalties to occur:

  • Quality updates
  • Phantom updates / Thin Content
  • Manual actions for unnatural links
  • Manual actions for invalid Schema markup
  • Penguin / Link quality problems
  • Panda / Content problems / Content which provides no value
  • Mobile Friendly penalty / websites which work poorly on mobile devices
  • Page Layout / Usually only an issue for sites with many ads on them.

Determining which penalty we’re dealing with

Manual penalties are immediately available to see in Google Webmaster Tools. Other penalties are more difficult to discover but we can generally take a look at the dates at which traffic dropped or do a content audit or look at a variety of factors and quickly determine the root cause of the issues.

How long do recoveries take?

Some issues such as manual penalties can be cleaned up in as little as 1 – 2 weeks. If rankings return immediately or not is another issue entirely. For example, if a site was ranking highly specifically due to the quantity of links it had and now those links must be removed to be reconsidered in search results the site will definitely rank significantly worse in search. This is however a prerequisite to good long lasting rankings.