This page is about Online Reputation Management for individuals. If you want to manage the reputation for your business please contact us here.

Online reputation management, aka ORM, is a pain in the you know what.

We’re not out to sugar coat this at all. Anyone that tells you differently is simply lying or ignorant.

What does it cost? Well, we charge a lot, because we’re great at what we do. Typically we’re charging to ethically get  a term onto the first page of Google. To push your bad reputation down in the search engines, we have to obtain a #1 spot. Ten times. This usually means working on boosting 40 pages. We’ve done this. Our last client was in the ripoff report and in a newspaper for allegations from something that took place in the 1980’s. Great guy, means nobody any harm. But no, it is not easy. It is not that we’re not good at it! We’re probably among the best at it.

Do we want to do it? If you understand that we DID get previous clients reputation restored online really fast (in about 18 months), that it will be around 10x as expensive as a normal marketing campaign with absolutely no guaranteed results. If you have unrealistic expectations, think this will happen overnight, or if you want a guarantee, or someone who will charge $10,000 less than we will, by all means, forget you saw this page and move on.

Each case will vary. Your information is confidential. We may not have time to take on your case. Feel free to reach out for a free look at your situation and we’ll tell you if you can help or not. We can also offer coaching if you have the time to tackle it yourself.

Please note: If the negative content is on a site out of your control and is up illegally you can simply contact google and they’ll remove it.

If you’d like to learn more about reputation management, just give us a shout.