seo newsletterAs a business owner myself I understand that busy professionals and executives simply do not have time to scour the web every afternoon looking around for the latest news in the SEO world.

Exacerbating this situation is the world of SEO stinks. Bad. I mean if some of these people were surgeons they’d steal your kidneys. Then you have others who get up on a stage, and while they are well spoken they just have no clue. Yes, aside from the thieves there are those who mean well but just sit around talking about technical SEO all day long but don’t even have a blog. I mean they couldn’t get a link if they had a leaked tape of Kim Kardashian. It’s that bad.

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Why Telapost?

Telapost is Latin for the future of the web. I am one of the few professionals in the SEO world who has literally seen it all. The first online property I ranked was a BBS in 1992 by delivering a great user experience and content that people couldn’t get anywhere else. While searching for things is now drastically different, honestly, not a whole heck of a lot has changed since then.

My curated monthly news will be 2 places. On our blog once a month, and in the newsletter. I strongly recommend the email route as (I admit) we do put some very random things on this blog.

I’ll be covering the latest info on SEO, but beware, there is a whole lot I won’t cover. If you are worried about every little ALT tag you can add to your images, this isn’t for you. That is not SEO to me.

This newsletter is for those who want to rank in search. This is for the entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, medical professionals, CEOs, CFOs,  IT staff, web designers, content creators, bloggers, and everyone else who has a profitable product or service to offer. Sure, I am biased. And you won’t find any “SEO 101” type stuff here as there are already plenty of other places to get that online. If you feel I’ve missed something, email me. – Len