small business open signYour business is your passion.

Small business is my passion.

If you need content created, a content strategy, help figuring out where to put your content, contact me today.

I am a small business owner.

I have owned many small businesses. I will be happy to walk you through the businesses which I have owned and show you how they have showed up in search engines and how that eventually became the only form of advertising that I needed, even topping word of mouth.

The best advice. Ever.

These days I work with some very large and international clients. But, I still will ALWAYS give free advice to any small business owner. In many cases, I will point you in the right direction to go. Or, if you have the advertising budget, I can provide here the best bang for the buck content creation or copywriting services for you.

Small business is tough

I became an entrepreneur on accident. I began doing what I do. I was the “technician”, not the owner. It took me 15 years to figure out what the heck it took to run a business. My business was in IT for small businesses and I have sat down and had coffee with well over 700 other business owners. I’ve survived burglaries, identity theft, frivolous attacks, lawsuits, unemployment, taxes, and audits. You name it and I have the scars and stories.


Drop what you’re doing and get a domain name, hosting, and install WordPress from WordPress.ORG. Configure your home page, pages for each product or service, and start blogging. This is 80% of the battle. I’ve done this for free for myself and for people who spend over $750,000/yr on advertising. The solution is almost always the same and above is the first step in your online journey.

Content Creation and Copywriting for Small Businesses

If you need help setting up WordPress, getting hosting, a website designed, video or text content, or aren’t sure what to do with social media, you’re at the right place. Those are the exact services we offer here. In the vast majority of cases, the most important thing you need is content for your website. But, not just any content, content which caters to user intent, shows up in search, inspires action, and most importantly, actually makes you money.

Why content?

There are so many reasons. You can read about 600 articles about content on our blog.

With no content, you can’t be found online.

With some content, you might get found online.

Then, content gets more complicated from there.

The best thing you can do is just email me with a good time to talk on the phone. Chances are I’ve met a business owner in a similar situation that you are in.