Mortgage Broker and other intermediaries who broker mortgages on behalf of home buyers are our perfect client because we get them found in search just like you just found us.

With SEO they get more exposure in the search engines and with more content their website appears when users are actively looking for mortgage related questions, before a loan officer gets in your prospect’s ear.


A bank local to us.

Mortgage Lender Specific SEO Services

The typical “SEO Company” up the street will steal your kidney if you give them the chance. They also have absolutely no clue what to do when it comes to the world of banking and lending. They have zero access to websites about finance to obtain links from and exist to make a quick buck.

At Telapost we hand pick clients we work with and help successful mortgage lending agencies. If we are not a perfect match we will make it abundantly clear immediately.

We were not experts in mortgage lending to begin with; it sort of happened by accident. We love to learn about and dominate new topics. Most mortgage lenders have built relationships and relied upon more traditional forms of advertising. While digital marketing hasn’t been completely neglected, thanks to disastrous efforts by traditional SEO companies we see the field as wide open. In fact there are only 2 or 3 SEOs in the USA who we would consider qualified to work with mortgage lenders.

Mortgage Lender Content Services

Some call it SEO copywriting. We call it great content. Everyone knows that content is king.

Specializing in a niche and having access to related sites in other cities gives us a huge leg up on the competition as we know exactly which key phrases people are searching for when they go to buy a home.

A close attention to detail is needed to discuss FHA loan limits, state laws, and represent you online professionally. Not any writer can sit down and craft content which:

  • Is unique
  • Is found in search
  • Is discovered in search
  • Inspires action
  • Carefully and accurately discusses important topics such as loan limits, home finance, and refinance.

We also work with very successful real estate brokers with 10 or more agents and stay on top of the latest trends of who is searching for homes, how they are searching for them, and what they do after discovering a home on their favorite app.

Mortgage Lender WordPress Websites

Honestly the last thing we want to do is sell anyone a website, but, generally WordPress is what we need installed to make the magic happen. WordPress websites are cheap, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, and make adding new content a breeze. Having a fast, easy to use website IS and SEO factor. Chances are if you are not performing well in the search engines you have some on site issues and WordPress cures 95% of these with a base install.