Finally, in 2015, we’re hearing from SEO companies who need content. If you are an SEO freelancer or own a legitimate SEO firm I will be happy to provide content for your SEO company. Please note, I do not provide content for bad SEO companies. If you are still sending out press releases and commenting on blogs in an effort to get links, please do not bother contacting me.

How content gets leads

I never thought of myself as a writer. In 2001 I was a business owner looking for the same thing all business owners are looking for – more business. So, I started a blog. The business became massively successful and I sold it in 2012. Telapost is my 3rd very successful business. The combination of SEO and content that ranks was awesome.

I have developed content resources valuable enough to get natural links.

I have developed content which sells.

I have developed tens of thousands of pages of content and carefully watched how they ranked in search AND affected the OTHER pages on a website.

Articles that reach customers when they are looking for someone’s product or service are invaluable.

All SEO companies know their clients need content

Links and content are hands down the top 2 ranking factors.

Content is not just a prerequisite to ranking in search or using social media; as time goes on, ALL top good SEO experts agree that having consistent, quality, unique content added to a website helps with SEO. Any major player in the industry knows this and it is the talk at all major SEO conferences. Unfortunately, even the best SEOs out there lack the ability to constantly come up with new content ideas.

That is where we come in.

Content creation services for SEO companies

We’ve been there. We’ve tried all the content generation companies and tried hiring content ghostwriters and content marketing freelancers. Unfortunately, these companies and individuals often create content which is stuffed full of keywords. Our goal is never to trick the search engines. We know that Google and the other search engines want to provide value to their users.

We create this value.

Outsourced content can be easily marked up and up-sold. The easiest client to get is one you already have. If you’re already providing SEO services to a law firm, sell them what they really need: content! We have SEO companies selling our content marked up 100%. That is fine with us. We provide content at reasonable prices. If an article costs you $100, sell it for $150 – $200 and everyone wins. An in-house content writer is extremely hard to find. For example, we’ve tried using journalists and doctors for medical content, and it just never works out. Content must both rank in search and cause people to act. It is a very rare quality to find someone who can deliver this.

We can.

Our ideal client

At the present time, we’re basically looking for niches where we can create 10 – 20 articles per month for a specific website. We may be open to other ideas. Contact us today to let us know what type of content you are looking for.