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examinerDo you want to be compensated for your writing? Make a name for yourself? Just have fun writing?

We are considering starting a website similar to Examiner.com. We understand that this would be no easy task and will not even attempt the feat unless we are all in. But, as a business that works with content on a daily basis we can see where Examiner went wrong. Examiner had very little traffic for a site of their size. The last we checked, Examiner.com received around 9 million search visitors each month from around 3 million pages of content. That is terrible. We would focus on great authors, good content, and traffic from Google Search.

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We do not have time or desire to spam you and will only contact you if we begin a news website like Examiner.com where you can submit content. Here’s the Google form- just let us know your name, email address, and the topics you write about.

Where did Examiner.com go?

You probably noticed that Examiner.com now redirects over to Axs and that all of your Examiner content is gone. For full details please see: What happened to examiner.com?

  1. How to hack in and stop the redirects of author controlled material from Examiner.com to AXE even way back machine is now redirecting!!!!!

    • Hi Jean, I’m not completely sure what you are saying here. If you email me via the contact form with a specific URL I will be happy to look into this for you.

      Thank you

  2. Do you have an update Len on the proceedings of creating a website similar to http://www.examiner.com?

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