December, 2015: I recently noticed that the Yahoo Finance page was completely changed. The site now has strange news, recommended games, market movers, a lack of links to the message boards, and other significant changes that most users of Yahoo Finance will have ZERO interest in.

yahoo finance

The Yahoo finance logo.

The finance page was the only thing I personally used at Yahoo, and now it is gone.

A quick search revealed a thread on Yahoo where users are expressing their disdain for the “new” Yahoo Finance page. Most are wondering where the old version of Yahoo Finance went to, and if there is a way to bring up the old version instead of the new “beta” version.

Here are some of the comments from the thread:

  • Was someone smoking Colorado cigarettes when they thought of this beta version?
  • This new format sucks!!
  • Ads block the information so this is not usable
  • I can’t even navigate this site anymore. Where are the message board links? This is a total travesty.
  • You have taken the best financial information website in the universe turned it into JUNK.
  • Maybe the CEO should leave now.
  • Please. Can we please go back to the old format. This is the only reason I login to Yahoo. And no more Kardashian ****. Please
  • Are you trying to Crash and Burn Yahoo to the Ground????

What do you think about the new Yahoo Finance site?

Let me know below. If you left Yahoo, where did you go?

What are some of the new website design problems, and how important is usability to you?

Update July 12, 2016: Yahoo Finance is completely changed!

The above article and the first 20-30 comments below apply to the previous change which already had people angry. As of July 12 2016 the Yahoo finance site has taken a terrible turn for the worse in most people’s opinion. Yahoo has recently also destroyed small business listings and destroyed their hosting platform leaving thousands of business owners stranded, looks like they are moving on to the finance site and other sections of their site…

  1. If everyone hates the beta version of Yahoo Finance, why is Yahoo not going back to the original version?

    • Good question!

      • Len, I googled and found a list of the Yahoo’s board of directors. Their email addresses are, for instance,
        I have sent some emails to test this format. They all went through. If others also started letting the board know how badly this update going, it might help us. I am not a very tech savy person, but I suspect you are. What do you think?
        – Justin

    • The old format of yahoo finance was perfect. It had the information that I wanted, and was easy to navigate. This version does not include dividend information with amount and percentages. Please give us back the old version. This Beta version is not that useful to me.

      • The solution to changing Yahoo Finance back to its original format is real simple:

        On the top left side of this page, click on “Tools”.

        Then click on “Delete browsing history…”

        Try Yahoo Finance again and you should get back to the original format. It has worked for me, but I have no idea as to why???

        • Thanks it worked for me and got rid of r-sf that repeatedly went into my download folder—good catch

        • it worked thank u

        • Or just go to the top left side of this page and click on “HISTORY” and click on “clear recent history”

          • Sorry, but I can’t find “history” in the upper left side of the website, can you please elaborate, thank you.

        • not working here with Chrome

        • r u hitting TOOLS on Yahoo site??
          I find no option for tools.

        • sorry, but I don’t see where it says “Tools” in the upper left side of the website or anywhere for that matter, can you please elaborate, thanks

        • wish I could find it—I have an apple

      • You don’t have to clear the browser history you can go in browser history and click on one of the older date yahoo finance page from couple months ago and it will still open the page in old view that way you don’t have to clear all your browser history.

        • Neither of these methods worked for me. I’m still stuck with the new format which really sucks! I tried giving the new format a chance but after a lot of time I just gave up. Finding things like a stocks competitors was so easy in the old format and now I can’t seem to find it at all!

          • I agree the new version is completely worthless. It’s shocking they even dare put something so crisply out there. There old goat was clear and simple to use

      • new version of Yahoo finance(July 2016) stinks lousy to navigate give us back our old Yahoo Finance page

        • I agree. Give us back our old Yahoo. What is their problem

          • Wall Sr plant Marissa M made 600 million to F the average Jo investor.


      • I agree that this new format stinks . Not nearly as versatile as the old addition to a portfolio can only be done for symbols that are listed on the exchange . I , for instance want to keep track of available cash / mm accts as sep line items It wont accept this as the old format did .i also want to keep track of the same stock on two sep lines in two diff locations . Again , i use to be able to. Please , how can i get the old format back ?? I really dont want to change to google or somewhere else but this new format just isnt convenient for me and can easily see from the internet that i have a lot of company .

    • I hate hate hate the new Yahoo Finance. I will move to another service if I can’t restore the old Yahoo Finance. Today I start looking for new service since no way to go back….

      • I agree!!!!! It took me 5 minute of hunting to find my portfolio and when I did where were the articles and what happened to the chart page? It’s TERRIBLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear us? This is horrible!!!!

        • This really sucks!

          • Please email Yahoo with your opinions of the new finance website. The new finance website was designed by our technical team that has no idea what finance is all about. Now that we are own by Verizon it’s just going to get worst. We will be adding more cellphone advertisement to our site very soon. Enjoy!!!!

      • Ted – were you able to go back to original Yahoo finance page ?

        Or did you find a better service to use.

        thanks, Dean

      • i gave up,,,,,,after all this time,yahoo hasnt gotten the message,then,, google is the place to go,,,,,,,,

    • Because YAHOO sucks




        • Someone had to step in and take over the old yahoo interface. You will make fortune off the advertising. It is superior to anything out there as it is fast and easy and acvurate

    • Worst possible thing that Yahoo has ever published. It’s useless. Is this Vetizons truck. Ir did Google pluck that particular interface ftom yahoo when they weren’t looking. What is going on. It was the best interface out there for quick information. Look at all the complaints.

    • Yahoo finance by Peter Pan. Truly a piece of Never Never Land. Only in your wildest dreams would the new interface have anything to do with finance. Who could even think this was remotely applicable to viewing company stocks on any proper intelligent way. Unbelievable. Truly a travesty! A disservice to the industry as a whole ad so many people used it on many different levels. Yahoo probably lost over half their user base on this one

    • I believe the new pg CEO was put in place and changes made by WALL ST to harm small investors….possibly forcing them to use old brokerages once again. Should contact online brokers and make them aware as they are losing biz because of this I would think.

    • because some smart guys got bored w/ the old format and decided to pad their records and to hell w/ what the customer wants. They obviously now what is best for us.

    • Yahoo Finance has become an incompetent *****s blog just like its CEOOOOOO.

    • Why do these people always think they have to keep ‘improving’ something that works perfectly well. Is it because their IT staff feel they need to come up with something new to justify their jobs? It’s BLOODY AWFUL!!!!!!

      • I agree totally and as I live entirely on investments ( was self employed and hence no pensions etc) and have trusted Yahoo Finance uk for years, I am now unable to deal with the new setup in any way. It is appalling. Is there any way back to the format that was used until about a week ago i.e. near end of April 2017?

    • wall st wants it that way

    • cannot navigate yahoo finance,, cant add cost basis to portfolio stocks when entered,, cant delete stocks from stock watched,, the new format sucks..

    • Why make something so simple into a real unusable pain in the ass?

    • I agree, why did you change, as far as I can see , there is no reason unless you want to do away with people using yahoo.

    • Because they are ****** idiots…
      They want people to provide all private information like phone numbers credit card numbers address and bank account numbers..

  2. Yahoo finance was the best. But now Yahoo has ruined it, I use Bloomberg and Morningstar . Neither is quite as good as the old Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg doesn’t seem to have quite as big a range of instruments as Yahoo or Morningstar, for example I couldn’t find NLY’s preference shares NLY-PRC there. But both are way better than the new Yahoo finance, much more usable.

  3. I will now migrate away from Yahoo. I really dislike the new format, and no “community” link. I loved the message boards.
    No yelling “yahooooo” here..

  4. Are they too arrogant to stop is mess? Bring back what I am familiar with. I am there to talk about finance not learn a new system that lacks any sense or order. Bring it back or most will move on.

    • It seems that Yahoo has tossed in the towel on a LOT of things lately, this is just one of them.

  5. The new Beta version of Yahoo Finance is terrible…….Why fix something is not broken….The Beta site is worthless……Go back to the old version.

  6. Totally agree with all postings here the original version was perfect, myself and all of my colleagues involved in the market used it and now it’s horrible. Someone needs to find a way to let them know

  7. I think yahoo should change CEO at the same time they change old yahoo finance version to new one. The new version stink . Good by yahoo you just lost yahoo fan since 20 years.

  8. The old Yahoo finance version was perfect, this version is very bad.
    All my info from 10 stocks is gone.

  9. Ditto Ditto Old Version Perfect! New Version not useful!!

    • Please restore old Yahoo Finance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This is harassment. Extreme and horrible.
      Give the choice to the people what is convenient for them.
      This behaeviour is like Microsoft with W 10.

  10. This is not that hard to fix! What you need to do is setup a hosts redirect entry in your Windows HOSTS file. Depending on your operating system it may be located in different places. A small amount of know how is needed plus administrator access to your computer.

    In Windows 7 it is located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

    The file is called HOSTS

    1. Copy that file to a folder outside of it, say c:\test or whatever you want to name it.
    2. Open that file in notepad
    3. Go to the very bottom off it and add the following line (exactly):

    Save the file–but it MUST be saved as a *.* file, NOT a text file! HOSTS can have no extension. Once this is done, verify the file is still a plain file in file manager by right clicking on it, going to properties and it should say Type of file: file

    If this is so, you are ready for the last step.

    4. Rename the HOSTS file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc to HOSTS.backup
    5. Copy the new HOSTS file you just created in the c:\test folder back into c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

    Close your browser. Re-open it. is gone forever! Rejoice!

    FYI Yahoo may someday change the location of their website and you can always verify what the current address is by opening up a command prompt and typing “ping” and the number that shows up will be what it currently is. Right now it is where the beta site ends with .61.

    I hope this helps!

    Yahoo Finance beta sucks!

    • Great comment, but those directions sure are difficult to follow..

      Are you saying that the original version is online? And if so, do you have the URL for it?

      • Len

        It is in Biff’s instructions, the uRl ending in .60. I tried it but get a Yahoo error msg. The beta ends in .61. and yes, Biff’s
        instructions are confusing to me also.


        * I got directed to this site via a search engine question and have never been here before.

      • What have these people been smoking?
        Awful change that makes Yahoo finance unusable.
        Couldn’t be much worse if their staff had been a few
        cats walking on keyboards. Or maybe they did!

        I have been a high user for >10 years.
        You want my business!
        Please cancel the changes or provide an easy way
        for an individual to restore the old format.

        On top of everything else when you try to do
        a search of help, it DOES NOT
        SEARCH. Just shows you fixed options, none
        of which have anything to do with what you searched for.
        Total bs.

        Just go back to the lovely old design with the long list
        of buttons down the left side. Much easier to scan than
        text laid out horizontally. I did human factors for NASA
        and I know what I’m talking about.

      • After upgrading to Windows10, I was able to get to the old Yahoo Finance portfolio by using Google Chrome and entering Finance/ on the address bar.

        I didn’t work with it in Chrome, but I was able to get there. I’ll have to see if I can make adjustments.

        My biggest problem right now is that in Windows10 Yahoo has no toolbars and I can’t find my Windows8.1 Yahoo Favorites.

        Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Instead as Alowishous suggested above just clear your browser recent history or history completely voila, don’t need to go through all that trouble.

      • deleting browser history does not fix the problem of this awful change yahoo made to finance stock charts and information. The new layout is worthless… all the data is all spread out and difficult to find… It used to be very neat, tight and easy to read.. Now its all spread out, hard to read, hard to understand and very distracting…

        Just Awful and now worthless… It has become as worthless as most of the other sites out there offering crap views… Yahoo charts used to have a very professional look and feel, all the information was compact and easy to read….

        What A Shame… SMH

        • New site is horrible. I’m going back to marketwatch

    • I am a computer illiterate, and the instructions are way beyond my ability to follow. It strikes me that to drastically change a site that persons have been using for years expresses a contempt for them that knows no bounds. Yahoo is telling us we can
      like it lump it.

  11. I have two computers running. The Yahoo Finance section on one is now different than that on the other. I made no manual change. What a joke ?
    I could care less because their data is often invalid or suspect, and both have the PORTFOLIOS section, which is what I use the site for, so as long as the PORTFOLIOS are available, I will continue to use the Financial site. I don’t particularly need the site, but it means I can look at my data without accessing my brokerage site. Sometimes the news section under the PORTFOLIOS is very useful also, in fact, more useful than the rest of the site, because it keeps me up to date on all my holdings, in one place. I don’t look at the message boards because other websites , such as Seeking Alpha, are far more accurate.

  12. A severe down grade.The site is no longer an
    aide to help make decisions on buying or selling stocks.
    All the statistics are gone and analyst forecast are gone.
    Currently news wise it’s pretty shallow and not informative.
    I’m using another site and can only hope for the old page to reappear.

    • oh no..not gonna reappear..we`re gonna have this abomination to use to see stock prices….bec some group of TOTAL Yahoo decided we had to get a “new” modern, crapola, fianancial web page, etc..and so shoved this down our throats and it is..i get nauseous just looking at it..frankly..Yahoo is a lost cause..very lost..very!!

  13. It appears Yahoo was trying to make a touch screen tablet friendly site with Finance 2.0. I struggled a little using “old” Yahoo Fiance on a my Surface Pro 4 with my fingers, the new site is easier. Yes SP4 has a pen…, as many have mentioned, much of the valued features are gone, reorg’d or missing. I had to Google “Yahoo alerts” to find my stock alerts. You’d think Yahoo would use a similar system to Microsoft with slow rings and fast ring evaluators before going live to the public. We are in a world crossing over between the mouse and the touch screen and the touch screen will win out. Unfortunately the conciseness of Finance 1.0 (old) gets lost as Finance 2.0 (new) stretches everything to fit the fingers. A solution might be to give us users a very detailed options or settings menu to tailor information to meet most everyones need… Look at Money Money, USA Today finance, etc. they all went to the touch screen format. Yahoo just copied

  14. God they are fools. I have a bunch of their stock and Melissa has screwed up the whole play there, which fortunately is being rectified by Starboard and others. Sad thing is she will go out with a huge payday, tho reputation dinged.

  15. Should have mentioned:I generally use Chrome as my browser, and I get beta on that. I tried Internet Explorer, and I get the old version! However, it often freezes for some reason, so I often don’t bother. Today pretty good tho.

  16. There is a knot..a hard accumulation of absurd Yahoo that get up ea am and figure out new ways to ruin the Yahoo web sites..the Yahoo web pg with the stock prices which 1 cld access easily and understand info on any stock in their list..has been made “modern”..Oh, its gonna look super on the dash tablet screens of the miserable, overpriced, tin lizzie $38,000 junk new cars which r now sold in the US. And rt now the Yahoo financial web pgs look just plain BAD..and the idiots who mfrg`d this “new” web page set on Yahoo financials, shld go get their heads examined..bec it`s worse than TERRIBLE..omg!!

  17. I used Yahoo finance to look at company financials. Suddenly 6/9/2016 a new useless format has been introduced. Finance yahoo already had horrible advertiser links. Looks as though I now have to shift completely to finance google.

  18. I am totally frustrated with the new Yahoo Finance. Even the message boards have been destroyed. Shame on you Yahoo. I am now converting to Google. It’s hard to believe that one of the best financial sites available has self-destructed.

  19. Your new format sucks just like your company

    • totally agree Patrick. time to find another finance site

  20. You suck yahoo for changing the format

  21. the new format suck, before you could see the company key factor on one page now you have to scroll down over and over again to see it all. I’m moving back to msnbc.

  22. If yahoo finance page has changed, you might as well shut the whole Yahoo site down. Yahoo has ruined games (by getting rid of bridge which intelligent people play because it isn’t just luck) and they took away chat rooms, then messenger is changed and now finance. Good grief, I could run Yahoo better than those running it and I don’t know anything.

  23. The new Yahoo Finance is absolutely horrible. I’m saying goodbye to Yahoo once and for all.

  24. no wonder the company Yahoo is stagnating
    They spent money and effort turning yahoo finance to crap

  25. And they are too stupid to recognize an error

  26. What’s a comparable finance site to the old yahoo format with current news? I’m going to start using seekingalpha exclusively if yahoo forces this new site on us.

  27. Our screams are going unanswered here. This happened before and the kicker is they don’t have a page for help or suggestions. If any Yahoo representative should happen to see these treads,my suggestion would be “Go fuck yourselfs yahoo you upset my day once again.”

  28. The site is now useless to me. what a bunch of iddiots.

  29. This is pathetic – unfortunately, cannot think of any proper replacement! 🙁

    • SeekingAlpha is great and allows discussions on stocks, ETPs, CEFs, etc. And there is
      Boycott Yahoo

  30. This new display is very pathetic. Go back to the old version !!!

  31. What a junk, absolutely useless! Just one thing: you type a fund ticker, it shows a price, but NO DATE!

  32. The worthless people running this company making changes like this are screwing the shareholders. They need to fire the CEO and the VP of product development. They need to strip all their stock options.

  33. What happened to the yahoo finance page that let you easily see the day’s price of stocks, historical prices, pegs, etc.?????

    I hate this new page!!!

    • I agree. I hate it. It was perfect. Ever try try using morning star — also worthless Did Google but yahoo finance. ? Let us know.

  34. With each update Yahoo Finance gets progressively worse. It was best back in 2012 before the last upgrade.

    It is now useless. I’m finally done with Yahoo Finance after 10 years.

  35. I have used Yahoo finance since the 90’s and loved the simple, easily navigated format and useful info visible from a single page. Now…wow…what a mess. I’ll be looking for an alternative and may say goodbye forever 🙂

  36. The new page is crap

    • Yahoo Finance was one of the few things Yahoo did well and now they f’ed that all up too. Nice job Yahoo. Moving on to something else.

  37. The idiot who designed this new finance probably could not find his/her way out of a paper bag. Totally disgusting.

  38. Csuckers! I’ve been using the old site for more than 10 years. It was perfect. Now I can only get half the key statistics! And the format sucks! I’m moving on

  39. I, too, hate the new format. Through yesterday, I could still get the old format by opening up my portfolio and then navigating back to the finance page by clicking on ‘Finance’ at the top menu. But, today, this no longer appears to work. If they don’t go back to their old format which people liked, I will also find a new finance site.

  40. The new yahoo finance site could not be designed any worse. I can’t get a quick summary page and everything takes up too much space. It is a complete piece of crap. I am seeking an alternate financial quoting website.

  41. Take a good thing and make it worse.

  42. I like many others above have been using the “old” Yahoo finance site for the last 15+ years. It worked great and played a major role in my daily portfolio management routine. As of 7/12/16 the old site is now gone regardless of whether I clear cookies, use In-private browsing, or some of the other tricks mentioned above….All is redirected to the “new” terribly-redesigned Yahoo finance site.

    Earlier this morning on another site, I stumbled upon one possible solution….Try using the Canadian version of the Yahoo finance site at

    I tried it and it seems to provide some of the content and formatting I was used to. Perhaps this will be helpful for others.

    However, one thing I did not find on the Canadian site was a link to the Yahoo Finance Message Boards. There is something called “Conversations” on the new US site, but this is nothing like the original Message Boards.


    Thanks to all for posting.

  43. The classic Yahoo site was excellent. The new site is a piece of crap. I wonder what their advertisers will think once they get the data that no one is looking at their ads.

    Hey Yahoo, not one good comment above. What does that tell you?

  44. Hey if anyone finds a good site with comparable information, please post it here. Thanks

  45. I think yahoo is part of the isis conspiracy. Why would they move the qoutes to the right hand side of the page. Are they pandering to those who read from right to left.

  46. If it ain’t broke….
    I’ve been using Yahoo Finance for 20 years, new format unacceptable. Bring it back by month-end or I’m gone.

  47. 1. Run;_ylt=AjCtnrgDNxWRzodOqwkwm7JvNu8C/?bypass=true
    2. Run in a separate page
    3. to get a quote, enter symbol in #2
    4. refresh #1. The quote will show up here. Do not quote in #1, it will bring you to crappy new look,
    5. For detail quote use #2


  49. Yahoo is sad site now. Wasn’t broken, don’t fix it.
    GO BACK to way it was!!!

  50. This new format is atrocious and falls directly on CEO / leadership. This happened before. I was able to recover by copying the url from another profile (Chrome Book) and pasting it into the settings ubder my profile. This fix is not working this time, when I search for a different stock symbol, my page is reset to the new “ATROCIOUS” format.

    I am now hunting for a site that I can work with.

  51. thanks for the canadian yahoo post CPA.

    it seems to have most of what the original yahoo had. i’d suggest others try it.
    i tried to several stocks on cnbc and only got a bunch of meaningless #’s

    • Matter of time and they will destroy Canadian site as well.

  52. Got an email from Yahoo Finance touting how great the new site was. Name attached was:

    Michael La Guardia, Senior Director of Product, Yahoo Finance
    Yahoo! Inc.
    (408) 916-2100

    Did anyone else get this?

    • Please have him fired at once!

      • Michael La Guardia, Senior Director of Product, Yahoo Finance
        Yahoo! Inc.
        (408) 916-2100

        • Neither worked, not the phone number, auto voice, and not the email.

        • Please remove the new version of yahoo finance. It is a disaster for people who suffered with using this version .
          The programming caused freezing of financial pages,etc.
          I do not know how your team decided to switch to the new version without testing the operation before offering to the market. Horrible team execution. At least your team should offer users an option to use the old version or the new. So users will not get stuck by your designing problems.

          Please for God sake remove the new version

  53. Yahoo finance was my favorite investment tool; I spent many hours there every day, but is now unusable.

    In addition to all of the other problems listed in other comments, I will add that I used to open multiple tabs to research and watch multiple stocks. The new format is so bloated and slow, that is now impossible.

    This reminds me of how Yahoo bought, and then completely destroyed MusicMatch Jukebox.

  54. aside from the yahoo finANCE SITE BEING SO TERRIBLE there is one change i like and that is showing 5 of a stocks competitors
    it would help if one day when mariss is gone the sise adds the earnings growth rates over 12 quartersas well as and providing better charting with ALOT MORE TECHNICALS

    • Marissa is planning to wreck this whole company….
      Do they do research on acceptance for changes on Yahoo Finance and Yahoo mail.
      Both suck bad.
      The whole of US Yahoo biz is basically these two – Finance and Mail.
      And they have no clue how to retain customers.

  55. The recent loss of the old Yahoo Finance website is a terrible blow to all of us that found so much information with just a few clicks.I would have easily paid a monthly subscription fee for having all the Yahoo Finance information at my finger tips. I am looking for an alternative, currently using MarketWatch, but would appreciate other suggestions.

  56. What happened to the ” Market Pulse ” ? I needed that info by
    some top knowledgable folks ? Why change a perfect data system ?
    The old version web yahoo finance was Great !!!

  57. I lost hundreds of web queries for Financial Analysis.

  58. yahoo new finance page is totally useless takes far more time to navigate and find the information needed. I would like to see the old version or something better not worse

  59. The new Yahoo finance is horrible. Does anyone know what is available as a good replacement?

    I guess that Yahoo is trying to get rid of all their existing users, so they don’t need to spend on programmers.

  60. It appears that Yahoo will not respond to this feedback. So, we might as well use the suggestion box to help users find alternatives. I spent the past few days searching for my future site. While many websites have BPBF syndrome (big picture big font), a few offer some respite. I would appreciate any other alternatives.

    less good are:

    As pointed out the following Yahoo sites still have most of the old style pages. However, it must be assumed that this will only be a temporary respite.;_ylt=AjCtnrgDNxWRzodOqwkwm7JvNu8C/?bypass=true

  61. It appears that Yahoo will not respond to this feedback. So, we might as well use the suggestion box to help users find alternatives. I spent the past few days searching for my future site. While many websites have BPBF syndrome (big picture big font), a few offer some respite. I would appreciate any other alternatives.

    less good are:

    As pointed out the following Yahoo sites still have most of the old style pages. However, it must be assumed that this will only be a temporary respite.;_ylt=AjCtnrgDNxWRzodOqwkwm7JvNu8C/?bypass=true

    • Thanks B bro.

      I am saying good bye to new Yahoo Finance page. It’s created by some brainless folks.

      I am already in Google Finance page.
      Finviz looks interesting also.

  62. The new Yahoo finance is virtually useless. Whoever came up with that should be flogged. Bring back the old Yahoo finance, so long Yahoo!!!

  63. Its interesting to note that the 50 day moving average has just hit the 200 day moving average in a negative manner. I suggest we all short the crap out of yahoo stock to punish the moron who claimed responsibility for this change in spite of a 100% negative response every time they they tried to switch slash enforce this garbage software software change on us. The moron’s name is below:

    By Michael La Guardia, Senior Director of Product for Sports & Finance
    We’ve launched a newly updated Yahoo Finance site. It will continue to provide exceptional access to real-time data, editorial insights and analysis, breaking news and video. With the new design, all of this is even easier to access, and can be custom tailored so you can get all the news you need about the companies that matter to you.
    Cleaner and easy to read, the new design features bigger headlines, bigger photos and fewer modules. For example, we’ve combined the watchlist, portfolios and popular market data such as top gainers and losers into a configurable dashboard where you can add, remove and reorder your stocks directly on the homepage.

  64. Can someone tell me how to get to the old Yahoo Finance page.
    New Yahoo Finance sucks !!! Its so bad I can’t stand a couple of minutes.
    I am exploring Google Finance page already and seems much better than this new crap from Yahoo.

  65. Looks like we are done for now. Yahoo has made the switch and you cannot access the old version. Man I HATE the new one so much. Also it looks like the ditched the forum sections and have “conversations” now instead. I hated all the spammers, but this is not an improvement. Yahoo deserves to fail. They never listen to their core users.

  66. wow, is it any wonder that yahoo the company is failing.

    Thanks to those that posted alternatives.

    another option is

  67. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’ve been using Yahoo’s Canada finance site. It’s still the wonderful old version. For now…

    Also, don’t forget to go to the new yahoo finance site, scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘Suggestions’ link and tell them just what you think of the new site.

    • Canada – genius.
      I was able to access old site w Tim’s link above
      I see nothing on social media, news etc about horrendous reception new site receiving
      I don’t understand that.

  68. You can’t find anything on this site. The historical data is useless in you can’t print anything. You can’t filter just Dividend or Stock split information. Who would use this.

  69. The new edition of yahoo finance is a total mess

  70. Not alone a total mess but also a total disappointment

  71. The new verson of Yahoo Finance is useless. Cannot find a place to get price & dividend history. It just looks like any other useless free quote site. Too bad, I found it very useful when it was neatly organized instead of this dumbed down, probably for iphone version.

  72. Has Yahoo Finance also eliminated Price Objectives? Cannot find this info anywhere. Thanks!

  73. Another alternative is the Singaporean Yahoo Finance which is still the old version we love.

  74. Yahoo Finance new changes are horrible. Was a good clean easy to navigate finance page now complete sucks

  75. I’m moving to Google Finance. I really enjoyed Yahoo Finance’s format, and had been using it since the early 2000s. I’m really surprised they made the change. They sabotaged themselves here.

    • BAM!!!! That was a close one and the Canadians got it right. Going to be a lot cooler there when I move as well!! Hope it updates news as fast!!!!! I’m all about some BAM!!!

  76. BAM!!!! That was a close one and the Canadians got it right. Going to be a lot cooler there when I move as well!! Hope it updates news as fast!!!!! I’m all about some BAM!!!

  77. What moron changed Yahoo Finance? The first change I noticed was no price charts except a daily chart. Today my home page was completely different and totally worthless. If home page is not returned by end of month, I will never return.

  78. I was able to revert back to the old yahoo finance by adding the following cookie. If you are using Chrome, you can use Edit This Cookie Extension to add the cookie. (I have 2 PCs. One is still using old site, and I was able to narrow down the difference in the cookies betwen the two PCs. As soon as I added this cookie to the PC that was showing the new site, it reverted back to the old Yahoo Finance site.). Hope this helps you guys as well. Love the old site.

    “domain”: “”,
    “expirationDate”: 1516989724.358859,
    “hostOnly”: false,
    “httpOnly”: false,
    “name”: “B”,
    “path”: “/”,
    “sameSite”: “no_restriction”,
    “secure”: false,
    “session”: false,
    “storeId”: “0”,
    “value”: “fvafu95b3fnur&b=4&d=gAnSLkdrYH0wNLD8NacvbMuMy5UkXoTVlDM_Cssdfymukg–&s=15&i=YHLJDgmsdBI840OrDApo”,
    “id”: 5

  79. You’ve ruined the best feature of Yahoo by changing the format of Yahoo Finance. It was the best format on the web, and I used it for more than two decades. Why in the world you would do this is beyond comprehension. It reminds me of the New Coke debacle. PLEASE RESTORE THE OLD FORMAT. If you’ve read this message, please respond

  80. Trying to contact Yahoo is almost a hopeless endeavor. How does one send an email directly to Yahoo. If anyone knows a Yahoo email address, please publish same, so that we can express our wrath about the new Finance format.

  81. Tim’s link worked for me with Chrome. Thanks.

  82. this new version is just terrible. the old version was fantastic. GOODBYE YAHOO!

  83. I used to use yahoo finance:
    – comment boards for individual stocks had some useful info
    – the page for an individual stock symbol would show news on that symbol

    – the comments are totally useless spam
    – the page for an individual stock symbol now just shows junk news and advertisements and “weird” tricks to turn-on any woman

    Anyone know where can I find news and social gossip about individual stocks?

    Yahoo is a shit suck now. I vomit on my newspaper. Yuck.

  84. My old computer (Vista and Internet Explorer version 9) still shows the original version, however my other computer (Windows 7, Internet Explorer version 11) shows the newer version which I also do not care for. I can’t explain why that is, so if we switched over to IE version 9 would that solve the problem?

  85. And they do not care. If you want to get at least some of the old look back, but no message boards try
    Such a clean looking relief after the sprawling mess the redesigned and horrible new Yahoo Finance US has become.
    The thing I hate most of Yahoo is they do not give a toss about their actual users. NO one liked the beta of finance and they did not care.

  86. awful change yahoo.

  87. Taking a good thing and turning it into crap should be punishable by law. I’ve been rebooting my Laptop, thinking there was a virus or something when some idiot change my screen without asking.

  88. It appears the OLD FORMAT HAS returned today…but WHERE are the investor messages. MARKET PULSE does not suffice. Much prefer reader comments!!!

  89. A week ago they converted “Yahoo Canada Finance” to the new format (which is horrible). Fortunately, after searching around, I found “Yahoo Australia Finance” is STILL based on the old format (which is great).

    That website address is:

  90. The new version of yahooo finance is terrible, and it is missing one of the most important tools,(the competitors icon)

  91. ?bypass=true used to get you the old Yahoo finance. Today, even that no longer works.

    I have never found a replacement for Yahoo stock table listings. I hope they just changed the way you bypass, and I can figure out how to do it again.

  92. The trick is to use https instead of http.

  93. I don’t know what is going on. Now with plain old http and with or without &bypass=true, it is working again and without going to Australia.

  94. I cant find what I paid-when I got it –some are old and my broker doesn’t go back that far–Just need to get in and print my stock and leave help
    don’t have tools or histry

  95. 4/24/2017 the change to Yahoo Finance is terrible. I use to have everything on one page price, current change, current percent change, price paid, current value, total gain, total percent gain, dividend percent, dividend date. Now I have to look on to many tabs. This horrible!!!

  96. It should be obvious by now that some high executives at Yahoo have been bought off by another company that wants to acquire them. They are intentionally destroying the value of the company to facilitate the takeover.

    All of your questions are so naive, like asking, “Why do they make Starbucks so uncomfortable with hard wooden seating (or no seating at all), the air conditioner on full blast freezing us out, the restrooms locked up (and permanently out of order in some stores),” and awful third world music turned up loud. That happens because it is the exact intent of management.

    Until now, I have found Yahoo to be the most convenient, easiest to download, easiest to select source of market data. Now it is time to move on.

  97. This new personal investment page sucks big time. I’ve customized mine three times over three different days…and saved it… and it still reverts to the basic page. I hope some a-holes get fired over this. No wonder Yahoo is hated.

  98. The thing I miss by far are the old Forum pages. I had users (hey, Tim Stabosz–miss ya) who regularly posted interesting information about companies he was either trading in or interested in with lots of excellent info. I see him now at Seeking Alpha, but the best stuff on that site requires a huge investment. The change Yahoo pulled off probably makes sense for them in some mysterious way, but for those of us who had a wonderful place to exchange investing ideas, it’s a goner.

  99. Looks like a BUNCH of unhappy campers with the ‘new’ yahoo finance because IT SUCKS !!!!!
    Maybe CHROME has a financial site, YOU GUYS SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Ok i agree ,it sucks.Now waht are you going to do about it and when?It wan`t broken,but obviously some mental giant thought it was.
    I suspect someone atYahOO IS GETTInG a BIG KICK OUT OF THIS.
    I have BEGUN accessing charts(BOLLINGER BANDS) AT TD Ameritrade

  101. You need to get someone who looks at things from the customer point of view.Yours is not important.

    • What? Who, me? Did you see the poll at the top of this article? 3,478 customers hate it. That is the entire point of this article and the last 174 comments! lol

  102. Suck new Yahoo Chart……..Please remove the NEW yahoo chart and Return back the OLD Version Yahoo Chart for us…. SHit New version… I dislike it 1000%

  103. I have a long list of Yahoo stock chart bookmarks. In the past two weeks when using a bookmark, the chart page will present (show on screen), however, whereas the headings show, the stock chart will not load. Are others experiencing this, and is there way to load the chart?



  104. It’s Feb 18, 2018. I have been trying to find information that used to be provided on the old Yahoo Finance. Yep this new version is definitely a down grade. I too will be looking for other sites that provides what I need. Too bad they messed up a good thing.

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