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Google Local Pack at Bottom of Search Results Pages in July 2017

Today I was punching in a very random search and noticed the local pack down at the bottom of Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

The local pack popped up underneath position #8, with 2 more organic listings underneath the pack.

I was able to duplicate this on mobile.

At this point in time I’m unsure of this being a quick test by Google, something gone wrong, or if this is now a permanent change. I can say that this is brand new.

Here is a screenshot:

Have you seen this?

Have you seen the local pack appearing at the bottom of search result pages? If so, please feel free to comment below with your first sighting. I first saw it July 18, 2017, around 2:30AM.


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  1. Hey man, it seems to be back to normal on my view anyway. But with the Big G, who knows what’s coming next. We usually only ever know after the horse has bolted!

    • Thanks for dropping by!

      For this same search, today I’m seeing the local pack after organic search result #4. They’ve been re-positioning it all over (for select searches) lately.. Yep, I guess we’ll find out after! 🙂

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