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How To Get a Page Crawled on a Website You Do Not Have Access To

Back in 2015 I explained how to quickly get one of your own pages crawled and indexed using Fetch and Render. This is especially useful if you have time sensitive content. Just last week I threw up an article which was hit around 27,000 times while the topic was hot. Very neat. Bu, to accomplish this you needed access to Google Search Console for the domain in order to access the tool.

This is no longer the case.

Getting Google to crawl pages on other people’s websites

Today I visited the Google mobile friendly test page while logged out of Google and I saw a cool new feature. It seems Google now lets people submit any page to Google via this publicly accessible section of Search Console: Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

As seen in the screenshot below, just plop in any URL on the web you would like to have crawled, hit submit, get the mobile-friendly results and click “submit to Google”.

submit to index


How long does crawling take?

The crawl happens right away.

Indexing is another story. In my test, the page was added to Google’s index in under 1 minute. This can vary on a wide variety of factors though – how much Google trusts your site and the type of content play a role.

Before this tool existed

Prior to this submit button, getting pages crawled was a bit of a challenge. I personally usually linked to things from other sites and/or shared them on Google+ to trigger a fresh visit from Googlebot.


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  1. great post! Thanks 😀

    • Thank you Carlos. Personally, I was waiting for a good way to do this for at least 15 years.

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