Google My Business – Suite, STE or # for Businesses in Office Buildings

I work with several law firms and one of the questions that always comes up is what street address to use for a law firm with a suite number in the street address. I personally use the # and it appears to be the best way. Here’s why.


  • 123 First St Suite 100
  • 123 First St STE 100
  • 123 First St #100

In this case, I’d use “123 First St #100“. I’ve been doing it way for over 10yrs with great success.

Medical professionals, attorneys and any other business located in an office building can follow the same guidelines.

USPS uses STE, however, Google uses physical locations, not necessary mailing addresses. Also, at one point Google began converting “STE” to “#”. Google just doesn’t recognize STE, if you add STE, the “STE” will get stripped out.

The same goes for letters. That’s right, if you have a suite letter, use “123 First St #A“.

Commas also get stripped.

Simply use the pound symbol followed by the raw number (eg: #100).

What about the second line?

In Google My Business, they allow you to add a second line. While this may appear like the logical place to add a suite number, I would not add the information there. The reason for this is scrapers. There are scrapers which scrape the web and then add the content to their own database, and many of these databases use 1 line, not 2.

What about Floors?

One attorney I work with in a larger city has an entire floor. In this case I’d set up the address like this: “123 First St Floor 14

Google’s official recommendation is wrong.

It’s rare but sometimes, Google is wrong. As you can see on this page, Google says “If you need to specify a mailbox or suite number within your physical location, please list your physical address in Address Line 1, and put your mailbox or suite number in Address Line 2.”

Nope. Do not use line 2. I covered this above.

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Please feel free to share with the world your experience with suite numbers.


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