How To Print Customer Review Posters from Google My Business

To customize and print a poster of your customer reviews, visit, enter your business name, then select one of the posters or customize your own. You can change the poster template and select your customer review of choice using the Small Thanks with Google website.

Small Thanks with Google #SmallThanks

I began seeing this neat new feature along with customer reviews in October 2017, but some users were made aware of it as early as August, such as who wrote about it here.

This is what the email invite looks like:

To see if your business is eligible, visit the Small Thanks with Google website.

Here’s an example of a poster of a customer review which was left for Lowe’s Home Improvement here in Wilmington, North Carolina:

It turns out, for the moment anyways, you can make posters for any business. You don’t even need to be logged in.

Will you be displaying customer reviews on a poster in your business?

This is a neat new feature from Google My Business. Throughout 2017, Google has been pushing business owners more and more to use Google My Business more frequently, from their main Google Accounts and even directly from search results, adding new features such as Posts and Messaging.

I think the reviews will look great, framed and on display, and if a customer sees one of them there’s no doubt they’ll likely be happy.

Will you be displaying customer reviews on a poster in your business?

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